USPayserv Login Guide: E-Payroll & Pay Stubs

As an employer, handling the pay stubs of employees can be a really tiresome process. Maintaining them, distributing them, and even the cost of printing them could take up a lot of your time and effort. It’s not worth it at all.

This is where USPayserv comes in. USPayserv Login is an online human resource management and a provider for electronic Payroll services. It helps employers to avoid the hassle of maintaining pay stubs for their employees. 

In this article, we will go through USPayserv especially, the details and tutorial about the log-in and sign-up process.

What Is USPayserv?

As per the American Payroll Association, more than 156 million wage earners work in the U.S. That means more than 3.7 billion paychecks are distributed each year to those earners. This could be eventually a huge threat to the environment.

USPayserv helps to remove these paychecks by moving this entire process online. With many organizations transferring to mandated electronic pay, USPayserv removes that last piece of paper in the payroll process. 

USPayserv Login

With this portal, everything related to pay stubs is now available and accessible electronically making this entire process a lot easier and worthy.

It provides companies or employers to manage the entire employment life scale from the point of hiring them to the retiring. It delivers pay information electronically, and employees can access the portal anytime and anywhere.

All About USPayserv Login

Now that we have understood what USPayserv is all about and how it functions, let us understand the login process for this portal. 

The login entry for USPayserv is a completely confined and safe site to use. You can access it from any gadget with web availability, be it an open PC, home or work PC, or even a phone anytime and anywhere. It can be accessible 24/7 for use. 

Before accessing USPayserv and creating your stub account, make sure you have all the details needed for login certifications, like username, manager code, or PIN.

USPayserv Login

For Login, all you need to do is visit its site that is and dig into the ‘USPayserv Customer Login’ area that is usually located on the left side of the page. 

After this, you need to enter your details like your Username, PIN, and your manager code. Press the ‘USPayserv Login’ button and reset your PIN. That’s it and you have successfully logged in.

What Are The Requirements For USPayserv Login?

As mentioned earlier, generally there are only three requirements to log into USPayserv and those are :

  1. Username
  2. PIN
  3. Manager Code

These three pieces of information are normally provided by the business company or organization.

How To Sign Up For USPayserv?

We have learned how to log into USPayserv but the basic process is to learn how to sign up into the portal. 

If you are a first-time user you first need to register your account or create a new one, otherwise, you can log in on Uspayserv Page with your previous log-in details.

All you need to do is enter the required details for the signup and you will successfully have an account on USPayserv.

What Are The Services They Offer?

USPayserv offers a number of services to the companies or organizations under them, some of them being :

  1. By making use of the USPayserve, companies or business organizations never again need to get the paper pay stubs via the post office as they can get to, see, download, and print them from the account.
  1. The portal helps the organization or company eliminate the burden of generating and delivering paystubs for its employees.
  1. It also provides employers or companies a huge advantage as it removes the cost and efforts of creating and handing out pay checks to the employees under them.
  1. Since everything is available online with US Payserv, it eventually helps saving billions of paychecks and thereby, helping in ensuring the safety of the environment.
  2. On the other hand, the earners also avail profit as now they don’t have to make visits to the bank and thereby, saves their time and efforts and reduces the exertion.
  3. It also gives them the right and assurance to have access to their money anytime.

What Are The Methods The US Payserv Uses?

We have acknowledged the services the portal provides. Let us look at the methods through which these services are met for the people using them :

  1. A freely-available pay stub which is web-based.
  2. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for companies to obtain pay information.
  3. Updates regarding pay information through text messages.
  4. Distribution of electronic pay stubs through emails.


In this article, we went through the topic of USPayserv Login, the services they offer, its login requirements, and tutorial. It is a really helpful and productive portal for business organizations to handle the pay stubs and other information for their employees.

By now, I hope you realize the benefits of this portal and the details needed to log into it.

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