How To Unblur Course Hero For Free [Working 2021]

Online learning is becoming very important in this rapidly progressing era, as it is easy to access and very convenient to use. With these types of online educational platforms, it is assisting a lot these days for quick and effective learning, with the facility of better communicating and share knowledge more.

Whenever you search for any information for your assignment or any work, you check various online websites that help you to gather different detailed information in the form of images, videos, e-books, PDF documents, research papers, articles, etc. These online websites provide you the data for free or for a paid subscriptions after you register on these websites.

One of the most demanding popular websites for providing this type of detailed information is Course Hero.

This platform gives all the answers to your queries only if you pay for their subscription. If you are a regular user of Course hero and want to get these services free of cost, be with us throughout the article, and we will tell you how to unblur Course Hero for free.

What Is CourseHero?

Unblur Course Hero

Course Hero is an online educational website. Its office is in Redwood City, California. Their main business is to support the academic professionals as well as the students with various informative contents and documents, with their huge online library with more than 20 million study documents, having a variety of content on every topic you want.

You can also collect e-books and other reference material in Course Hero related to your research topic. These detailed documents are simply available on the website, provided by the students and tutors.

But, if you are browsing Course Hero for free, you just can read only the first paragraph of these files. You will need to buy the premium subscription for viewing the complete files. This is the only drawback, being such an amazing platform.

Course Hero also helps their users with free subscriptions for study-related resources and tutors. Today, we will tell you some of these methods on how to unblur Course Hero documents for free.

CourseHero Premium Account Features

Unblur Course Hero

Course Hero premium account is surely a bit expensive. But the features it provides are really amazing features. Alongside having free access to all Course Hero information, you can get the following benefits.

  • Enjoy exploring a wide variety of research content and courses for free
  • You can have 24X7 access to every Course Hero study material and support from tutors
  • You can also become eligible to get the scholarship awards.
  • You can win a scholarship up to $5000. Just upload your content on Course Hero.
  • There is a chance to win a scholarship of up to $1000. You need to answer some simple questions asked by some other users.
  • You can win a scholarship of $3000. You have to share a minimum of eight research papers of your own.

There are many teachers too who can browse the Course Hero platform and can get money by teaching their students.

The rates for purchasing the Course Hero Premium Subscription are:

  • For a One-month membership plan- $39.95 per month.
  • For a Three-month membership plan- $19.95/ month.
  • For a One-year membership plan- $9.95 per month

How To Unblur Course Hero

Unblur Course Hero

As of now, you would have understood that Course Hero is very helpful and a must-have thing for the students and teachers as well for different study-related purposes.

The one and only drawback for this is that you need to pay for the features after a certain point of time. You will have to purchase their different subscription plans even for viewing one or two documents, thus disappointing many users.

Also, users should stay away from websites that charge money to unlock Course Hero as you can get these facilities for free.

Therefore we will share with you some of the ways on how to unblur the Course Hero for free. No need to worry about legitimacy, as all these ways are completely legal. So let’s start with the first way on how to unblur Course Hero documents without paying a penny.

1. By Uploading Study Documents

Unblur Course Hero

You can upload various study documents and related materials to get access to some study material or a library of some courses.

Keep an eye so that the content you are uploading must be of the right quality and also must be helpful for other users in Course Hero. Your documents should get positive responses from other users on the Course Hero website.

Once you finish uploaded ten documents, you will get 5 Course Hero unlocks for free that can use whenever you need. Every time you will upload a document on Course Hero, you will get a credit that will allow you to unblur the file you want to read.

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2. Using A Chrome Extension

Unblur Course Hero

Want to unblur the text answers Course Hero? Chrome extension may help you with this. Chrome extensions are little programs that help to modify the experience of the users or to add more functionality to the chrome browser. One of them is StudyBlue.

This extension will unblur all answers or Information from StudyBlue and will also help to remove all kinds of conspicuous banners shown during the sign-up process.

You should log out from StudyBlue for the unblur function to process and work. This chrome extension will replace all kinds of texts with some random Latin texts when you will log in. But you can only unblur the text cards. Any kinds of images and notes in the form of PDFs will remail blurred.

3. Rating Content On CourseHero

Unblur Course Hero

If you don’t want to use any types of plugins or upload any kinds of documents, you can just go to your existing account and give a rating to the contents already present in the Course hero website, uploaded by tutors.

It is the most simple process to unlock Course Hero for free. Just send some feedbacks and ratings for documents of other users. However, for this, you would have to access at least a few Course Hero documents using the free unlock methods.

If you want to have cess to few documents using free unlock methods, then you can give ratings for files of other users.

After sending ratings and feedbacks on other user’s documents, you can request your free unlocks on Course Hero as soon as they approve it. This is the way on how to unblur Course Hero if you don’t have much money to spend on the Course Hero subscription.

4. Inviting Friends & Earning Referrals

If you don’t like to use any types of plugins or upload any kinds of documents or want to use any kinds of ways we have mentioned in the above headings, then you can simply refer to Course Hero website to any of your friends via any social media platforms or sites you use.

When any of your friends sign-up to the Course Hero website you referred to them, then both of you will get access to a free trial on Course Hero.

You can also earn $25, which you can use to access any documents uploaded by various tutors. This is the way on how to unblur Course Hero if you don’t have enough money for the Course Hero subscription.


Course Hero is a great platform for those who want to learn more every day and share their knowledge with others.

As it is quite expensive, we have given you few methods on how to unblur Course Hero for free. Comment below if you have any questions or queries.

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