Hacks 2022: Auto Draw & Auto Guesser Tricks is a great doodling game by which you can have fun and enjoy yourself with your friends. Often you may want to draw perfectly rather than your friends or guess every drawing right. For this, you will need a hack that will perform all these kinds of work for you.

Today we will tell you about all the Hacks that ever exist. We will list all the available hacks from Autodraw bot to Autoguesser for you to surprise your friends with your stunning performance.

Whaat Is hacks a well-known multiplayer drawing and guessing game. Here, a player is provided a word and the person will have to draw it, while the other players will have to guess the same word with the help of the drawings. The game is not that tough as it seems to be. One can spend hours playing the fun doodling game with friends.

It strengthens your thinking pace, your creativity, and your intelligence with enhancing your friendship. It also boosts your vocabulary as you will get to know lots of new poor and funny words with the drawings. You can have more fun with the game when more friends will join it.

1. What Is A Hack? hacks is a fun game that you can win with the correct strategy. You need to use your mind rightly and quickly for guessing the apt word before others. You will easily gain more points by doing that and leave everyone behind. But if you are unable to do so, you can take help from the Hacks.

A hack is a bot or a script by which you can bypass the Skribble security protocols and do a task that the game rules do not follow. There are a lot of online hacks available. Many of them are browser extensions because the game totally runs on the browser. Several hacks serve different works like auto draw, auto guess, word helper, mute option, brush size swap, and more.

2. Do Hacks Works? hacks

Several hacks were browsed on the web when first came out. Still, as time flew, most of the hacks were blocked for maintaining the integrity of the game. In 2021, most of the hacks have been taken down or blocked. Skribble launched an update in the mid-2020 where they were seen to block the user scripts.

So you won’t be able to get access to a lot of hacks now. The Auto Guesser hack has also been taken down. Still, the Autodraw hack is working. The newer hacks are also getting launched as the older ones are getting blocked. So you must stay updated every time for the new hacks.

Different Types Of Hacks & Cheats

1. Auto Draw Hack hacks

The Auto Draw hack is the most well-known and helpful one among all the hacks. It is greatly helpful for people who are poor at drawing. You can use this hack to create a perfect drawing of the said item.

This hack is a Chrome extension script that draws the required picture by itself. Only you have to search the picture on Google, drag and drop it in the drawing box, and your task will be done. Follow the steps in order to replicate.

  • Go to Github, and Download the Autodraw Hack script for free. hacks
  • Use WinRar to extract the downloaded script. You can also use any other extraction tool for this purpose.
  • Launch Google Chrome and go to More by clicking on the 3-dots at the top-right corner and then select Extensions hacks
  • Switch on the Developer mode option shown on the top-right side. Select the Load Unpacked option on the upper-left side. hacks
  • Then, search the AutoDraw hack script that you extracted earlier and click on it to open the folder then click on the option Select Folder. hacks
  • The AutoDraw hack will be shown in Chrome now and will the enabled by default. hacks
  • Finally, open a game on and go for the picture in a new tab, and drag and drop it in the drawing box and it will start working. hacks

In this way, you can run the Auto Draw hack on your device and initiate hacking.

2. Auto Guesser Hack hacks

Auto Guesser hack (Skribbler) is a perfect cheat for people who are not good at guessing the right word. This hack is also a Chrome extension script that guesses the word itself by analyzing the other player’s drawings. It shows all the feasible answers and tells us which one is valid and which one is not. Follow the steps in order to replicate the whole process.

  • Launch Chrome and click to Add to Chrome button. Add Tampermonkey extension from the option. hacks
  • Now, go to Github and open the Auto Guesser script page. Scroll down and select the URL given under Installation. hacks
  • Click on the Install button on the next page and start downloading. Close the tab once as it finishes. hacks
  • Finally, go to and select the Activate Skribbler button to start hacking. hacks

In this way, you can run the Auto Guesser hack on your device and start guessing correctly.

More Hacks & Cheats

We are providing you a complete list of all downloadable hacks that are working right now. Use them to stay one step ahead of your friends.

Note: You will have to use Tampermonkey in order to install scripts.

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Conclusion is a completely fun platform for spending hours with your friends, drawing things, and guessing them for a victory. However, if you don’t want to lose games anymore, you can use these hacks for your help anytime you want.

Still, you must learn to win games with the correct strategy. Do send us a word if you know about some more of these hacks. We hope you will find these hacks helpful.

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