1000+ Roku Secret Codes & Hidden Channels For 2022

Roku is a streaming device that helps its users to stream various paid and free video content on TV through the internet. Up to 5000 channels, including hidden and private channels, can be streamed.

In this write-up, we will tell you about the best Roku private channels and how to set up Roku for streaming purposes. We will also provide the best working Roku secret codes that you can use to enjoy various streaming services on the device.

How To Set Up Roku For Streaming

First, you must know how to install the Roku private channels for your streaming purpose. By this, you will be able to use the Roku secret codes we will provide you in this guide to enjoy free video stuff and various private channels.

  • Browse any web browser of your choice and go to Roku’s official webpage first.
roku secret codes
  • Reach the “my account” option and sign in or sign up there. You have to sign up to create a new account, or you can simply log into your account if you already have one.
roku secret codes
  • After you log in or sign up on the website, select the ‘add channels’ option with a code below the option ‘manage account’.
roku secret codes
  • After the ‘add channel’ tab flashes on the screen, you will be asked to enter a channel code.
roku secret codes
  • Enter a channel code now that you want to use in the given box to get access to a channel.
roku secret codes
  • After entering your channel code, click on the ‘add channel’ bar and then select ‘Yes’ to allow all their agreements and continue.
roku secret codes
  • Roku is already available with a few pre-installed popular sites like Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc., in the Roku channels list, but the process may get delayed almost 24 hours for updating the channel list.
  • Hold back for some hours if you do not get the channels that are currently added to the channel list.
roku secret codes
  • To check your updated channel list, go to the setting than the system, and then reach the system update. You will get a ‘check now’ option there. Select the option, and you will be able to see which new channels are added or updated.

Top 10 Roku Secret Codes

Here in this write-up, we will discuss the top 10 Roku Secret Codes that will assist you in your streaming purpose.

1. The Internet Archive

roku secret codes

The internet archive provides you the best kinds of classic, rare, retro, and restored films and series without any sort of subscription and charges.

It is one of the famous Roku private channels that offers a completely free service even without an account. But you need to create one if you want to access a few more features or want to add any content in your favorites on the site.
Code: NMJS5

2. Unofficial Twitch

roku secret codes

Unofficial Twitch has reached good heights in the current weeks. This app can help to stream all types of content by your Roku device.

It is compatible with any streaming device. Even so, it is an unofficial site you can get access to all the Twitch’s features with the other functions as well in the application.
Code: TwitchTV

3. Nowhere TV

roku secret codes

Nowhere TV is the oldest yet the best choice for streaming various private channels. A good amount of streams are available such as BBC, Hubblecast HD, c-SPAN, Al Jazeera, TED Talks, Adult Swim Shows, etc.

The best thing about Nowhere TV is it is an official site, and it is totally legal.
Code: H9DWC

4. Amateur Logic

roku secret codes

Amateurlogic is a type of video podcast channel that mainly focuses on various photography, radio, computer hacking, Raspberry pi, and different electronic DIY projects.

This is a great channel for people who love to do works by themselves. You can learn about good technological works enthusiastically.
Code: Alogic

5. Wilderness Channel

roku secret codes

Wilderness Channel mainly focuses on various survival training contents, hunting, nature, fishing, etc., related to this category.

This channel is basically for people who love wild animals. It can be a good alternative to discovery and national geographic channels.
Code: fl821095

6. Maddy Mation

roku secret codes

Maddy Mation is a great choice for watching cartoons and streaming various anime content. Not only the channel streams stand-alone animes but also cartoons that are also acceptable for children.

7. Roku Movies

roku secret codes

Roku Movies is a great application for watching classic movies. It focuses on different movie categories like comedy, drama, horror, etc., in comparatively low budgets. You will be offered great choices of movies here like Kung Fu, Giant Monster, and many more.
Code: zb34ac

8. AOL On

roku secret codes

AOL On channel offers dozens of videos about current news, business, travel, entertainment, technology, etc. It also focuses on up to 17 networks like DIY network, food, BBC news, CNET, Huffpost Live, and much more.

It worked as a regular channel before on Roku but now works as a private channel.
Code: aol

9. MultiLive

roku secret codes

MultiLive is a type of Roku private channel that mainly focuses on various European channels categorizing from France, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Berlin, and the Netherlands.

If you are not residing in the US, then this site can be a good choice for you, and it’s is totally free.

10. EuroRoku

roku secret codes

EuroRoku is a subscription-based Roku private channel where you will be able to stream almost 100 European HD channels categorizing from France, Germany, Spain, Holland, and some others.

You must possess an account that is linked to Roku, and after purchasing a plan, you will be able to access the services.
Limited Time Promo: $9.99/month with a 7-day free trial
Promo: $15.00/month
Standard: $20.00/month
Economy: $50.00 in 3 months
Code: euroroku

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More Roku Secret Codes & Hidden Channels

The above-mentioned codes were some of the Roku private channels we discussed in detail. Now we will provide you a lot more secret codes in the table below. Check them out and use them as per your needs.

Hidden ChannelsSecret Codes
911 Dispatcher Drama 911
2048 2048
100.3 The Sound LA 2048
1080p Showcase 2048
1st Baptist Church Trussville  firstbaptistchurch
2048 TV Puzzle Game  2048TV
247 Retro Internet Television  247retro
256.bz Media Player  256bz
2M Maroc  2MMaroc
30a TV  30aTV
30aTV  30A
3Angels Littlelightstudios  LittleLightStudios
5000 Dice Game    5000
5ik.TV  5ikTV
7 Stations Streaming Radio  RD7UQE
A Very Roku Halloween  halloween
AB Demo Chanel  AB
ABA Indian Streams.TV  ABA
ABC Australia  ABCAU
Acacia Fitness & Yoga Channel  AcaciaTV
ACC Digital Network  ACCDigitalNetwork
Accent Radio Network  ARN
AccuRadio  AccuRadio
Ace TV  AceTV
Ace TV acetv
Ace Wrestling Network  AceProWrestling
Acorn TV  AcornTV
Adam Curry’s Big App Show  bigappshow
Adeys TV  AdeysTV
Ad-Free Crime and Punishment  AdFreeCrime
Ad-Free Timeless Television  AdFreeTimeless
Adult Channels Top 3  Best Roku Adult Channels
AdultEmpire BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!  AE Unlimited
AdultEmpire Unlimited  Add Adult Roku Channels
Adventure Awaits  Adventure
AfroMovies TV  AfroMoviesTV
After Dark Flix  (Adult Channel) Watch Now
Ageless Knowledge TV On Demand  AK
Ahhveo Ahhveo
Ahl-E Bait TV Network Ahlebait
Ahlul Bayt TV abtv1
Air Mozilla AirMozilla
AirCastLive AirCastLive
Aj Jordan The Crescendo MRPRC
Al Fady TV AlFady
Al Horreya TV alhorreya
Al Jazeera Aljazeera English
Al Jazeera English Watch Now
Al Mouridiyyah Television Almouridiyyah
albernameg albernameg
Alejandra.tv Alejandratv
alfady Tv Channel GTAVZ
Aliens and UFOs Channel AliensandUFOs
Aliento Vision aliento
Alixa.tv Alixatv
Alkalema TV AlkalemaTV
All 4 All4
All Fitness TV fl821095
Amateurlogic Alogic
American Movie Classics AMC
Angry Birds Toons AngryBirdsToons
Arirang TV and Radio ArirangTV
Arts & Crafts Channel ArtsCraftsChannel
Awesome Sci-Fi AwesomeSciFi
Back from the Grave BFTG
Back Street Music BSR
Caitlin Cooks CaitlinCooks
Cannabis Channel SPTFM
Cartoon Club CartoonClub
CelebTV CelebTV
Clikia clikialive
Hero Talkies herotalkies
Great Chefs greatchefs
Home Movies HomeMovies
iTunes Podcasts ITPC
Lode Runner Remake LodeRunnerPreview
m3u Black m3ublack
MaddyGTV Late Night MGTVLN
Neon Party Games H2CLHP
Newswire newswire
Nowhere ArchiveNMJS5
Redbox Digital Beta RBXDIGITAL
RokuCast CL9D5D
SpaceTime Free CN6MRTG
StreamNowTV Beta sntvdemo
Super Stalker STBEMU
Syntrix Beta synctrixbeta
The Movie Loft TheMovieLoft
The Natural Princess TNP
The Occult Network ton
The Occult Network Channel occult
The Ocean Network OceanNetwork
The Odeon Theater Odeon
The Onion News Network ONN
The Silent Movie Channel     ROLLEM
Toonami Aftermath TV RRNNKLQ
Tropical Beach VRQHQ
Update My Channels UpdateMyChannels
Weather Radar radar
What’s On? WhatsOnChannel
Wilderness fl821095


So, these were the best Roku private channels and their codes that we have shared with you. All of these private channels and Roku secret codes are totally legal.

But you must check your streamed content because Roku doesn’t analyze hidden content, and the channel view may get affected.

We hope the guide will help you with your requirements. Ask us about any doubts in the comment section or if we have missed any other good ones.

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