How To Play iMessage Games On Android? [2022]

iMessage is a messaging application more like an instant messaging application on iPhone or iOS devices that have features such as texting, sending media files, and video messages, to other iOS devices. Another good feature is you can play games on it.

iMessage Games On Android

Thus if you are looking for ways to play iMessage games on Android then you are on the right page. In this article, we have explained everything clearly about how to play iMessage games on Android. 

Although you cannot use iMessage officially, there are other ways you can do it, don’t worry they aren’t illegal though. So, let’s get started now. 

iMessage Games You Can Play On Android

Here are some examples of iMessage games you can play on your android smartphone.

iMessage Games On Android
  1. StickyMonster
  2. GamePigeon for Android
  3. Wit- What is this
  4. Quiktionary
  5. Cobi Hoops
  6. Four in a row
  7. fastThumbs
  8. Checkmate
  9. Mr.Putt and many more

Is It Possible To Play iMessage Games On Android?

No. You cannot play iMessage games on your android smartphone. Since Apple has a great security system and encrypts all its messages end to end, one cannot use the iMessage application on their device. So it can be used only on the devices that know how to decrypt those messages. 

Nonetheless, developers have brought in new ways for how you can play iMessage games on your android device and it can be done by using the weMessage application on your phone. This one is an application developed keeping in mind the closed messaging system iMessage has on iPhone and brought it on android.

And thus this weMessage lets you enjoy all the features you would on iMessage such as group chats, attachments, locations, sharing visuals, media, notifications, DND, and yes playing iMessage games, etc. 

Also, for weMessage to work and get the iMessage feature to use you will need an Apple device that is macOS so that it acts as the server, and weMessage lets you have this iMessage on your android smartphone.

iMessage Games On Android

What do you need to play iMessage games on your android device?

  • Apple id for you to access the iMessage app on your device. 
  • macOS 10.10 or above because weMessage needs a mac device to run a program on your device. 
  • Installing the weMessage app on your device
  • Android that runs on android os 5.0 and above.
  • Java 7 or above needs to be downloaded and installed on your Mac device.

So these are some things you should check before knowing how to play iMessage games on android.

Now let us see the whole process and steps in detail for how to install weMessage and play iMessage games on android. 

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How To Play iMessage Games On Android?

Below are the two methods you can follow to know how to play iMessage games on Android.

1. By Downloading the weMessage Application

There’s no native app for Android devices but weMessage gives you most of the features and it works only on Mac that should have weServer installed in it. 

iMessage Games On Android

You can download weServer on your Mac from it’s official site and weMessage from Google Play Store

Now below are the steps you need to follow for how to play iMessage games on Android devices. 

  1. Initially, you will have to download the Java SE development kit which you can download from the Oracle website on your Mac
  2. Once you are done downloading the java kit you will have to add the terminal app to your accessibility tab. 
  3. For message sharing to take place, weServer will want accessibility functions and one can do this by following the path, System Preferences\\ Security & Privacy \\ Privacy\\ Accessibility
  4. Once you reach here you now have to click on lock and then enter your password. Now find the terminal app( applications\\ utilities\\ terminal) file and open it.
  5. Now open weServer, if you didn’t then download it now and extract that zip file and then click on run. command.

Here you may get a security pop-up, so you need to allow apps to be downloaded from this section by moving to system preferences\\ security and privacy\\general. Click on open anyway and allow. After this follow the next steps.

  1. Now you have to sign in by using your iMessages credentials. Make Sure your email is the same one with which you logged in to your iMessage and then weServer starts. 
  2. Now since the weServer is running you can download the weMessage app from the play store and enter credentials such as IP address, email, password, and failover IP (optional). Again make sure the email and password are the same as weServer.
  3. After which you need to enter your private IP and sign in to the weMessage application and then you will be redirected to the main screen which will be indicated by a checkmark. 

Furthermore, one can find their Mac IP address by navigating to System Preference\\ Network \\ Advanced\\ TCP/IP. And the IPV4 address will be your IP. 

Yeah, that’s how you can play iMessage games on Android and this one’s the easiest way you can do it. 

You can also play iMessage games on Android by using the next method if weMessage doesn’t work for you. 

2. By Downloading Piemessage Application

Now coming to Piemessage, the application also works pretty similar to weServer and this one uses your Mac as a server and likewise handles your iMessages from iOS to your device (Android) and vice versa. Thus you will get almost all the features of iMessage on your android device. 

iMessage Games On Android

Requirements for Piemessage to work?

  • macOS
  • The public IP address of MacOS
  • Intellij idea
  • Android studio
  • Java JDK tool
  • iMessage or iCloud account
  • Android 4.0 or above version

Now here are the steps you need to follow to install and set up Piemessage like weMessage.

  1. You need to visit GitHub and download the Piemessage apk file from there and then install it on Android. 
  2. After that, you have to move to the app section and open the messaging application on your iPhone.
  3. Now you’re gonna connect your iCloud account to your iMessage by following Messages\\ Preferences\\ Accounts.
  4. After which you have to copy the Piemessage project onto your macOS X device. 
  5. Now you have to replace the socket address with a public Mac IP address (PieOSXClient\\ src\\
  6. After following the above steps you need to take or move message.applescript to your home directory.
  7. Now open the IntelliJ tool and move to the java web server and then you run the server class
  8. Again open the pieOSXClient considering it a project and then you have to run it as a class
  9. We are almost there! 

On your Android studio tool, you have to open the Piemessage app’s apk file. Compile it to install and access it. 

That’s all. You can now use the Piemessage application on your android device and play iMessage games on Android. 

Things To Keep In Mind To Use weMessage 

These are a few things you can look at once to not face any trouble using weMessage. 

  • Make Sure you connect both your Android device and Mac device to the same wifi network for weMessage to connect automatically.
  • If you did not connect it to the same network then you will need a Mac IP address for weMessage to connect to your device.
  • After installing weMessage grant the permissions and if needed you toggle the button that says “allow modify system settings”


That’s all about how to play iMessage games on Android. We have explained everything in pretty detail and easy ways to do that.

We hope you found the article helpful and feel free to tell us if you have any suggestions or questions in the comment section.

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