NewJersey Unemployment Claims & Benefits Status

Under the National Insurance Act 1911, the first modern unemployment benefit scheme was introduced in the UK. Unemployment benefits, also known as unemployment insurance or compensation, are the allowance provided to unemployed netizens. 

One such benefit scheme is by the New Jersey Unemployment benefits at They have a proper and devoted portal, especially for the unemployment division. 

In this article, we will discuss more about this topic, its benefits, and how it functions.


NJUIFILE is an online portal that has been designated to provide information about the Unemployment Benefits in New Jersey. With this, netizens can now claim their unemployment benefits electronically or via phone.

The unemployment benefits are valid to people who are eligible with relation to the requirements of the New Jersey Unemployment Compensation Law. 

Not just this, the portal provides all the information on various claim benefits as well as the procedure to claim them. It also has solutions to all the queries related to the benefits.


You can visit the page and you can do the following things :

  1. File a new claim for unemployment benefits.
  2. Restart an existing claim.
  3. Claim the unemployment benefits weekly.
  4. Have access to your information about your claim.
  5. Get information about income tax.
  6. Enroll for direct deposit of your benefit payments.
  7. Update or review your claim.
  8. View or print information about your claim.

What Are The Benefits Of NJUIFILE?

NJUIFILE provides lots of benefits for the section of people that fall under their eligibility criteria. They have a whole organized portal for the same.

Some of the benefits that are provided by them include :

  1. The portal has a different page for the division of unemployment insurance. If you are unemployed and fall under the other criteria, you can claim your unemployment benefits on the page.
  2. They also provide “Workers’ Compensation” which is authorized by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Under this scheme, the workers receive compensation, medical treatment, change in wages, and even permanent disability compensation to workers who have suffered severe injuries or disease and death benefits to the dependents of the worker, that is, if they have died because of their employment. 
  3. Along with this, they also provide employment and training for the jobs. So if you are unemployed in New Jersey, you can head over to that page and find yourself a job or get training for a job.
  4. They also provide auto insurance for your automobile. You get coverage and you need to pay the amount depending on the choice you make.

What Are The Questions The Portal Addresses?

The NJUIFILE portal not only gives information about the unemployment benefits or claims but also answers various queries related to it.

Following are some of the questions the portal addresses :

  1. What should you do if your benefit year is ending?
  2. How can you reset your PIN or Password?
  3. How can you create an account?
  4. How many weeks of unemployment benefits can you receive?
  5. Are there unemployment benefits available for you if Covid 19 has had an impact on your business?
  6. How can you remain eligible for claiming the benefits?

List Of Telephone Numbers To Claim Weekly Benefits Under NJUIFILE.

As mentioned earlier, claiming your benefits electronically is not the only option. You can claim your unemployment benefits using helpline numbers. Though there are a lot of helpline numbers for almost every location. 

Following are some of the helpline numbers :

  1. Camden – (856) 614-3801
  2. Jersey City – (201) 217-4602
  3. Neptune – (732) 775-5131
  4. Newark – (973) 648-7601 
  5. Vineland – (856) 696-6591
  6. Newton – (973) 383-4432
  7. Trenton – (609) 292-6800
  8. Somerville – (908) 704-3366
  9. Plainfield – (908) 412-7779
  10.  Phillipsburg – (908) 859-5467
  11.  Pleasantville – (609) 441-7581 
  12.  Randolph – (973) 328-6490

Related Questions 

  1. How can I contact someone in NJ unemployment?

Following are some helpline numbers you can make use of :
NJ (South) – 856-507-2340

NJ (Central) – 732-761-2020

NJ (North) – 201-601-4100

2. How can I be eligible so that I keep getting the benefits?

You need to be available for work, keep searching for work, and accept offers for work that come your way. Unless you are physically or mentally unavailable for work, you need to keep doing these so that you keep getting benefits.

3. Can I get training for a job while keep getting unemployment benefits?

Yes, in such cases, you can enroll in an unpaid training program while staying eligible for unemployment benefits.

4. How can I prove that I am actively searching for work?

You need to show proof that you are searching for a job and making an effort to secure employment. Contacting companies via phone, social media, or in-person is taken as considerable effort. You might even have to show the worksheet of your work search.

5. What if I can’t start a job right away?

If you don’t have any medical reasons, you need to accept whatever work comes your way. Of course, the work should be according to your skills and profile. You cannot refuse work because of personal reasons. If done so, you won’t be eligible for unemployment benefits anymore.


In this article, we discussed about the New Jersey Unemployment Benefits portal. We understood how it works, what it does, how it can help, and how you can benefit from it as well as a list of helpline numbers you can use to claim your benefits.

By now, I hope you realize how the portal works. So if you are unemployed and in search of work, you can claim your unemployment benefits until you get work.

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