What Is BHGWalmartOffer & How To Get BHGWalmartOffer Subscription? [2022]

As the name sounds better homes and gardens is a magazine that is loved by many who like remodeling, designing their things and home stuff, or gardening stuff. 

Now since you are here I suppose you are already aware of what better homes and gardens are and want to know about bhgwalmartoffer. 


In this article, we will tell you everything about better homes and gardens, their benefits, and also its bhgwalmartoffer along with how you can sign-up for free. 

Thus without any more delay let’s get started. You can refer to the next section if you do not know what Better Homes and Gardens is or else you can skip it. 

About Better Homes & Gardens

If you like gardening, decorating your home, and making it more beautiful, you might be aware of this lovely and appealing magazine called Better homes and gardens. This is also the fourth best-selling magazine in the US. This helpful magazine was initiated in the year 1922 and then it was known as         


Using this amazing magazine one can convert their homes into more welcoming and lively ones. One can learn many things from this magazine such as gardening, cooking several dishes, recipes, art, and craft stuff, a healthy lifestyle, entertaining, and a few more. Isn’t it great and nice to learn all these beautiful things, or that which interests us and remodel and design your home and stuff?

All the books and magazines are simple and easy to understand with great images and instructions that you can follow. Some of its inside features include “fresh” which says design trends, popular stuff, etc; “food” which covers creative and elegant meals and delicious; “life in color” sections show you someone else’s family and give instances of the right gardening and stuff like that., so yeah if you love doing this kind of stuff, certainly you will appreciate this better homes and gardens magazine. 

What Is BHGWalmartoffer Subscriber?

You might have heard of this bhgwalmart offer while going through bhg articles or somewhere. This offer is for those people who want to buy stuff or products of BHG from Walmart and who might also return them if needed. They will also have a TC code. 


Also, this bhgwalmart offer is only available to US residents and not others which can be availed at bhgwalmartoffers.com. Moreover, one can try getting this offer of buying a product of BHG from Walmart by entering their address and receipt number in the annual magazine itself. 

Now once you submit the form online, in around 6 to 8 weeks you will get the subject from better homes and gardens. 

Again, if you are among the ones who bought the best homes and gardening products from the Walmart store, you will get a 12-month or 1-year house and landscaping magazine without any charges under the bhgwalmartoffer. 

  • Also, one can make sure that they are eligible for the product from bhgwalmartoffer by entering the TC code which you will find at the bottom of your receipt or from the walmart.com order number 
  • After which you will also have the choice of choosing which way you wanna receive it either digitally or through the mail via a standard printed magazine. 

This way you will not be charged for the year magazine i.e by utilizing bhgwalmartoffer.

Now that we know what bhgwalmartoffer is, let’s go ahead and know more details regarding it. 

Claims www.bhgwalmartoffer.com- Walmart Provides

  • Now by using the order number from the official bhgwalmart site, you can subscribe to Walmart Better Homes and Gardens for free from here
  • The next thing you do is get yourself a good internet connection for maybe your pc or mobile and also the Walmart receipt number so that you get the price or cost of a Better Homes And Gardens Subscription. 
  • The only disadvantage of this bhgwalmartoffer is it will be delivered in around 8 weeks and is only available to US residents. 
  • And if you want to get it earlier, you can subscribe to the digital version. This digital version will be mailed monthly to your inbox. One can view this on any of their devices like mobile or pc or tablet.

Now let us see how we can sign up for a bhgwalmartoffer for free of cost.

How To Sign Up For BHGWalmartoffer For Free?

Follow the below instructions to get your bhgwalmartoffer or 12 months free subscription. 

  1. Initially, you need to log in to your portal through the internet. 
  2. You will be asked to enter some info such as your name, address, zip code, city, state, etc. Then follow the instructions. 
  3. Now if you had purchased from better homes and gardens then enter the order number and if you purchased from a Walmart store then enter the TC code on its receipt. 
  4. After which, you will be asked if you want the print version or electronic version from the publication. As I said above it will take maybe 1 or 2 months to get delivered to your location. 

That’s how you can sign up for bhgwalmartoffer for free. Let us now look at a few benefits of bhgwalmartoffer.

Benefits Of Bhgwalmartoffers 

Here are some benefits of bhgwalmartoffer that you can check out. 

  • Some benefits of bhgwalmartoffer are that you will be getting emails from better homes and gardens publications if you subscribe.
  • Stay updated regarding the latest news and offers
  • If you like a specific magazine then you can enjoy its promotional rates. 
  • And obviously, with this offer, you will get free 1 year’s magazines from better homes and gardens. 

Customer Service Of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine Subscription

Here is customer support information from Better Homes and Gardens magazine which you can refer to if you have any queries regarding the bhgwalmartoffer. 

  • www.bhgwalmartoffer.com
  • 716 Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023
  • meredithpartner@cdsfulfillment.com

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That was all about better homes and gardens and bhgwalmartoffer which you avail following the instructions given in the article.

We have given pretty detailed information about BHG along with its customer care and hope you found it helpful. Feel free to tell us if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section

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