11 Best Games Like Gloomhaven You Should Check Out [2022]

In this article, we will list some best games like Gloomhaven with a good storyline that keeps us intrigued. 

We understand you already know about Gloomhaven and how popular it is among board games for its deep storyline and gameplay though it had to be played for like 300 to 400 hours to finish the game. It’s more like a one-time game but worth playing those many hours. 

Nonetheless, many other board games are worth playing if you ever get bored or done with Gloomhaven. Now without more ado let’s check out the best games like Gloomhaven. 

11 Best Games Like Gloomhaven

Below we have listed the best games like Gloomhaven.

1. Mice And Mystics

Mice and Mystics are among the first ones in this list of best games like Gloomhaven. This one is a great choice for people who like imagining stuff while playing board games. It’s a good one for kids too. 

Games Like Gloomhaven

Mice and Mystics’ story and theme are what make it more interesting and give us a nice experience of role-playing in board games. The game is also easy to learn and teach. 

Here in mice and Mystics we players are loyal to the king but have been turned into mice by enemies. We all deal with this situation and try to protect the kingdom from its antagonists and stay loyal to the king. You will find objectives in the storybook which you need to finish to win the game. 

2. Descent: Journey Into The Dark

This is yet another game in this list of best games like Gloomhaven. Its descent: a journey into the dark. It’s a 5 player game with high fantasy dungeon crawl things in it. You can be any of the four heroes and there’s an ambitious lord in this game. You players will go underground and search for treasure and riches which in other words is called dungeon crawl.

Games Like Gloomhaven

How is this game different from other players? Here the overload is not on the heroes’ side and controls the enemies to defeat and exhaust the heroes. His goal is to bring them down and win the game ultimately and not just facilitate the game. 

It is certainly story-driven and the heroes have several skills and varieties. Thus is an epic board game that you can definitely deem playing which will hold 2 or 5 people. 

3. Shadows Of Brimstones

Shadow of brimstones is also a dungeon crawl game which is yet another fascinating one on this list- best games like Gloomhaven. It is a cooperative game with lots of adventures in it having some horror theme stuff too.

Games Like Gloomhaven

It is based on the old west and you players will have to take the role of heroes who belong to the old west. Heroes like bandito, saloon girl, gunslinger, or others. You will be fighting demons going deep in the underground mines and brimstone areas. Not just that, on your way you will be opening the void portals which will lead you to many more dangerous creatures.

Overall it is a fun and thrilling game to play. Also, Shadows of Brimstones is a double-sided game having old west prints and passages, etc on it. Moreover, the game board of this game is generated automatically as you playthrough map cards in the game and the game time of shadows of brimstones is 90 to 180 minutes. 

4. A Game Of Thrones Board Game

And now comes the game of thrones board game. Not the series but yes it’s a board game that also needs you to have a strategy. This game is based on the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. There are seven kingdoms that the players can take control of by playing the roles of great houses of Westeros.

Games Like Gloomhaven

The game also had further expansions like the clash of kings and then the storm of swords.

In this game to win you will need to acquire most of the cities and strongholds, regions, etc, and more like you have to take the iron throne to win the game. 

A game of thrones board game won several awards like three Origin awards for being the best traditional board game, then for the best design of board game, and also for being the best board game.

5. Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Star wars imperial assault is another strategy-based game just like the above ones. 2 to 5 players can play this game; they will have tactical missions and combat. Star wars imperial assault will also provide battle games to distinct battle games involving adventure and a lot of other stuff to enjoy.

Games Like Gloomhaven

You will have to finish several of your missions to move ahead in the game. The missions can be anything from escaping the enemies or boundary hunters recovering your things, recovering the data, etc.

Every mission will bring in more excitement and thrill. also, the boards of these missions are made by using around 50 tiles to construct the Star wars environment

6. Legends Of Andor

Legends of Andor is again a fantasy game that has several awards and is one of the best games like Gloomhaven. In this game, you can take the role of any of the four players who are Dwarf, Archer,  Wizards, or Warriors and protect the andor from various evil things and all the enemies.

Games Like Gloomhaven

The components of the game and the gameboard itself are really gorgeous and have got some good reviews. Also, the large cards are nice. The best thing is how cooperative the players are while playing to defeat the enemies and not fall trap to them. 

2 to 4 players can play the game and it will take around 60 to 120 minutes to finish it depending on which legend or story you choose to play.

7. Mage Knight Board Game

Now this one is one of the earliest examples of miniature games- the mage knight board game. The game looks a little complicated and hard to play however after a few games players find it not much difficult. 

Games Like Gloomhaven

The player will have to play the role of Mage knight and he will have his deed deck cards, tokens, and figures. There are various scenarios according to which you play the game.

This one has also won awards like the best game product, best miniature product, hall of fame, best graphics, etc. 

8. Spirit Island

Spirit Island is also a decent one in this list of best games like Gloomhaven. This one is a settler destruction strategy-based game and yes requires cooperation. 

Games Like Gloomhaven

In this game, you are gonna become a spirit. This spirit will protect its island from colonization and destruction. One can choose between 1 to 4 spirits. 

The game has 8 spirits and every spirit has its power cards around 4. Also, 22 power cards are more powerful than others to defeat the invaders. You will have 78000 configuration settings that you can change, the dynamic music, 3D textures, and classic tiles bring more realism and appear like tabletop games. 

9. 5 Minute Dungeon

Now comes 5 Minute Dungeon, yet another one among the best games like Gloomhaven. This one is a card game and like other games, every player will try defeating the dungeon using their tactics and strategies by the end. 

Games Like Gloomhaven

To win the game your team will need to get all the deck of cards of dungeons before the time finishes. The game is intense and best in its ways like quick-talking, playing cards, using the right abilities, and everything else is really good.

Also, it is one of the easiest learning games, and the mats, cards, and boxes look elegant with the artwork on them. 

10. Frost Haven

Frost Haven is a standalone adventure game and a nice alternative to Gloomhaven if you like board games. The game has 16 new characters you can choose from, 3 new races, and also 20 enemies that you will have to win against. 

Games Like Gloomhaven

There are also 100 new items and also scenario campaigns among which you can select. Along with combat like Gloomhaven, frost haven will have many other things like mysteries that you have to solve, seasonal events, new buildings to progress, etc. 

Moreover, the characters and items can also be used in Gloomhaven, and similarly, gloomhaven Characters can be used here. 

11. Kingdom Death: Monster

And the last one among the best Gloomhaven games is Kingdom Death and this is a tabletop game. It’s more of a miniature hobby game. 

Games Like Gloomhaven

In this game, you and other players will try to survive on land that is devastated and is also plagued by twisted beasts.

This game is one of the largest board games and is at $400 with epic proportions. 

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So these were some of the best games like Gloomhaven which you all can consider playing if you like board games and Gloomhaven. 

Hope you found the article helpful and let us know if we missed any good games in the comment section

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