Free PGSharp Activation Keys With Key Generator [Working- 2022]

Pokemon Go is a great game and is a nostalgic one for many players. Many around the world play Pokemon Go and this game requires us to make movements to catch the Pokemon and it can tell our location by our device’s GPS. 

To change our location we will need third-party applications and one such popular application is PGSharp.  

In this article, we will learn how PGSharp can help us, its features and how to use it as well as what the PGSharp activation key is. Not to forget there’s also a list of PGSharp activation keys included in this article. 

Thus, let us get started without any more delay.

What Is PGSharp?

As one may assume, yes PGSharp is an application you can consider to get various locations in the Pokemon Go game. The more locations you are in the more characters you can catch. This application PGSharp has many more benefits that you will not need to install any other app to cheat in the Pokemon Go game. Otherwise, you would have to install a few other apps.

You can use MockGo for iOS devices as PGSharp is not available for iOS or other devices.

Some of its benefits include, 

  • You can move around quickly with smooth navigation. 
  • One can increase or decrease their walking speed.
  • Can teleport yourself from one place to another. 
  • Move to specific locations, auto walkthroughs and can also save your last location

So yeah, PGSharp is a location Spoofing app that is quite popular and helpful, more like is a handy one. You will not require to go out and catch and instead stay in one place by spoofing your location. So if you are finding one to tweak the location, you can certainly consider PGSharp.

What Is A PGSharp Activation Key?

Like any other application, PGSharp also has its paid version. This paid version of PGSharp has many additional features. Because of these additional features which are very helpful, most of the players prefer the paid version of it. This paid version provides us with a code called activation key. It does have its free version with limited features. 

This PGSharp-paid version costs $5 and if you don’t want o purchase it but stills want the PGSharp activation key then do not worry we have got you covered. As we have listed a few working PGSharp activations keys in this list.

These are some features you get on PGSharp free version,

  • Teleport
  • Joystick
  • Favorites
  • Enhanced Throw
  • Encounter/Inventory IV
  • Caught Preview
  • Tap to Walk/Teleport
  • 100 IV Feed
  • Nearby Radar

And these are a few features that you will get on its premium version at $5

  • 2 Phones
  • All Free Features
  • All Coordinates Feed
  • Auto walk
  • Quick Catch
  • Skip Evolve Animation
  • Block Non-Shiny

Following is the image that says what you are offered in the free and the standard version of PGSharp to get the activation key. You can download the PGSharp application from here

PGSharp Key Generator?

Without purchasing the premium version of the PGSharp application but wanting its license key or activation key? Then you have to download the pgsharp activation license key generating text file. If you did not download it, then you can download the file from the link below.

Key Features Of PGSharp Application

Here are some key features of the PGSharp Application you can look at before installing it. 

  • One can teleport the GPS of your device wherever you want in the world
  • You can hatch the eggs pretty easily using the auto walk feature
  • You also get a joystick through which you can stimulate easy movements
  • No additional application will be required as PGSharp does all the job for you.
  • Yeah as mentioned above you can also customize your walking speed of yours. 

Now we shall see how to use this PGSharp Application and PGSharp activation keys.

How To Use The PGSharp Application?

Using PGSharp to spoof your location is pretty easy. Nonetheless, if you are not aware of how to use PGSharp, simply follow the steps below to get started.

pgsharp activation key

Also, remember you will need a Pokemon trainer club account to download the PGSharp Application. 

  1. You first have to visit the official site of PGSharp.
  2. After which you need to click on the download button which is in blue color
  3. Remember you can only download this application on android devices as it is not compatible with others.
  4. After completion of downloading you can find the file and install it on your device.
  5. After installation, you can start using the application by opening it.

While installing you will be asked to enter the beta key or the PGSharp activation key. This beta key or PGSharp activation key can be found online. Only after entering this key can you start using PGSharp and catch Pokemon.

You can also get your PGSharp activation key by getting yourself the free trial following the steps below.

pgsharp activation key
  1. First, you have to visit the official website of the PGSharp Application and then you have to click on sign-up. You are here signing up for the free trial. 
  2. After sign-up you will get your PGSharp activation key in a few minutes. And if you don’t receive one then it may be because of server issues. If this is the case you can try again later. 
  3. Now if you have got the PGSharp activation key then you need to fill in the info they ask for and then create a new password. After which you can log in. 
  4. Now you will be asked to finish the payment however, here it will be $0 as you are opting for the free trial. Next, you have to click on the complete order. 
  5. Now you have to enter all the details and log in. Also in the activation key or code column, you have to enter the PGSharp activation key. That is all you have to do to get yourself a free trial of the PGSharp Application for a while. 

That is how you can install and start using the PGSharp application.

List Of Free PGSharp Activation Keys

Below is the list of free PGSharp activation keys. Grab these quickly as possible to get your hands on them as someone might get them before you.

  • B04437FA-AFBF-4CCD-A202-9A56B707AB62
  • 963E3FE2-CCE5-4172-8A44-D7898657F900
  • AC87EC5C-2204-434E-88D8-AA7754C290CA
  • A2EE7705-447E-486A-9891-C243FAD74F1B
  • 530EC893-4440-4D24-AB64-C5009920F3F0
  • EFE9A848-8211-40E3-8541-7D67D9E1BC1E
  • B70733EE-6B4E-4882-85B6-8F02066C76BC
  • 3D556B9D-6277-4A53-93F0-42F86DE20657
  • 3360D22C-FEB1-4129-9D6A-4E5FA7E0A981

These are a few PGSharp activation keys that you can check out. In case the codes are not working, they already might have been used by someone else.


So that was all about PGSharp and PGSharp activation key. We explained everything about PGSharp features, how to use it, and all. It is a pretty useful app to play Pokemon GO without venturing out.

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Hope you found the article beneficial and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section.  

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