[Working] Free Nintendo eShop Codes 2022

Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a multinational company that produces consumer electronics and video games. It is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. It has created games like Mario Kart 8, Super Smash, The Legend of Zelda, and many more. 

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console, developed by Nintendo, consisting of a console unit, a dock, and two Joy-Con controllers. You can get one for yourself in many ways, one of them being Free Nintendo eShop codes. 

In this article, we will discuss Nintendo eShop codes, their pros, how you can get them, and how you can redeem them. 

free nintendo eshop codes

What Are Free Nintendo Eshop Codes?

eShop Codes, or prominently known as, Nintendo eShop Codes are basically gift cards with some sort of price tag on them. You can buy these eShop cards and redeem them on gaming consoles like Wii U or Nintendo 3DS family of systems. 

They are extremely easy to use and you can redeem their benefits without any inconvenience or hassle. These eShop cards can be redeemed online only. 

You can buy these eShop gift cards or you can get Free Nintendo eShop Codes through various methods without spending a penny. 

free nintendo eshop codes

What Is The Advantage Of Using Free Nintendo Eshop Codes?

There are a lot of advantages that you can benefit from by using these Free Nintendo eShop Codes. Using these codes, you can get weapons, characters, new as well as old games, game maps, or inventory along with any new add-ons to the game. 

Using these codes, you can refrain from using your debit or credit card online on unknown sites and be safe and secure. In times like these, you can use these codes to get games and applications without giving out your card or bank details. It is fast and easy to use. 

Free Nintendo eShop Codes also work as they are supposed to. They have some denominations inscribed on them that will get added to your eShop code account. 

These eShop codes come off as great gifts too. You can gift these codes to your family and friends and they can redeem them on their Nintendo account. 

How Can You Get Free Nintendo Eshop Codes? 

If you wish to get Nintendo eShop Codes without spending a penny, there are various methods you can use. Some of them are: 

1. Through eShop Code Giveaways 

Giveaways are the best promotional method that benefits both producer and consumer. It takes a little time and luck to win one but it is totally worth it in the case of these eShop codes. There are a lot of giveaways available on different websites. 

Use the hashtag #NintendoGiveway on Twitter and check if it has any giveaway going on.

Either this or go to https://twitter.com/hashtag/nintendogiveaway and you can search and participate in giveaways. 

Go to https://themommygamers.com/ and search for Nintendo eShop or directly go to https://themommygamers.com/?s=eshop and locate the recent giveaway. You need to watch their videos in order to be eligible for their giveaways. 

Go to r/NintendoSwitch which is the Nintendo Community on Reddit or directly go to r/NintendoSwitch/search/?q=giveaway where you can view and participate in the latest giveaways and win Free Nintendo eShop Codes. 

2. Through Scanning Receipts 

Similar to Ibotta, Fetch Rewards is a new rewards app with relation to groceries. You can earn reward points by picturing your grocery shopping receipts. You can earn 25 points by scanning a grocery shopping receipt and you will earn more if the receipt includes a branded promoted item, like a certain beer or juice. 

You can earn $1 in exchange for 1000 points. Using these points, you can earn money which can then be used to buy Nintendo eShop codes. You can select the gift card from any big brand like Amazon, Sephora, or Nintendo. 

3. Through Fiverr and SEOClerk 

Fiverr and SEOClerk are two freelance services apps available that you can earn money from. You can earn from $1 to $5 by doing small tasks or gigs that fall into your niche. The amount of money you can earn depends on your work. 

If nothing falls into your niche, you can simply distribute fliers in the street and earn money to buy eShop codes. 

How To Redeem Free Nintendo Eshop Codes?

Now that we have established various ways to get unused and free Nintendo eShop codes, we will take a look at how you can redeem those eShop codes.

After the online tool provides you eShop codes, there are 3 ways through which you can redeem them. 

1. Nintendo Switch 

  1. Go to Nintendo Switch Home. 
  2. Click on the Menu and select the Nintendo eShop icon. 
  3. Select ‘Enter Code’.
  4. Enter your downloaded code and click on ‘Send’. 

2. Nintendo 2DS/3DS/3DS XL 

  1. Go to Nintendo Switch Home.
  2. Click on the Menu and select the Nintendo eShop icon.
  3. Scroll left and select the ‘Add Funds’ option. 
  4. Select ‘Redeem a Nintendo eShop Card’ option. 
  5. Click on the box that says ‘Enter the activation code’. 
  6. Enter the activation code from the Digital card. 
  7. Click on ‘OK’. 

3. Wii U

  1. Go to Nintendo Switch Home. 
  2. Click on the Menu and select the Nintendo eShop icon.
  3. On the left side of the screen, click on ‘Balance’. 
  4. Click on the ‘Nintendo eShop Card’ option. 
  5. Click on the ‘Enter the code’. 
  6. Enter the activation code and click on ‘OK’. 
  7. Click on ‘Add’. 
free nintendo eshop codes

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There are a lot of sites on the internet that claim to generate eShop codes but almost all of them are fake. They can seriously harm your safety and can tamper with your personal information luring you in. So it’s better to stay away from these supposed eShop code generators and follow other methods that have been mentioned. 

By now, I hope you realize what eShop codes are, ways to acquire free Nintendo eShop codes, and how you can redeem them depending on the console you are using. 

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