How To Fix Instagram Failed To Send Error?

Instagram is an extremely well-known social media application, owned by Facebook. Instagram is mainly used for posting photos or videos of everyday activities besides uploading status as well.

In addition to uploading daily activities online, Instagram is also used as a platform for media to channel a hobby in photography or the social networking field. In fact, it is also used as media and also to sell and buy stuff online.

Are you facing the trouble of sending messages on Instagram? Is the “Instagram failed to send” error popping up while you are attempting to send DMs to anyone?

In this article, I’ll show you how to fix Instagram failed to send error using easy methods.

What Is The Reason For Instagram Failed To Send Error?

Fix Instagram Failed To Send Error

Instagram “Failed to Send” error basically comes up when you are struggling to send a DM or message to an individual friend/follower or a group chat on Instagram.

This error mainly says that The message you are attempting to send to the person or group chat won’t be delivered to the receiver. It can happen due to several reasons and can also be solved by the following easiest methods that will be mentioned further in this write-up.

Methods To Fix Instagram Failed To Send?

Here you will be told about what exactly is this error about with all the possible reasons for the same. We will also provide you all the methods that you can try in order to solve this error depending upon the ground due to which it is happening.

1. Check If Your Internet Connection Is Working/ Try Mobile Data/WiFi

Fix Instagram Failed To Send Error

Internet is the basic requirement you need to send messages via the Instagram application. Sometimes, it may occur that we unknowingly forget to turn on the Internet connection and this may lead to this error. This process is very short and basic but this can take a turn to a very silly mistake.

You require to check if your device is connected to wi-fi or if your mobile data is on, in case you are using your smartphone. If you have confirmed that your Internet connection is On and it is working pretty well, then you can go for the next ways we have mentioned.

2. Check If You’ve Been Blocked By The Recipient

Fix Instagram Failed To Send Error

It can also be possible that the person you are struggling to send the message has blocked you. In this case, you can receive Instagram failed to send message error.

If you are also struggling to send a message to any group and it is showing the same error, then make sure no one has blocked you from the group. In such a case, all you have to do is requesting the particular person to unblock you and sort out the things between both of you.

3. Check If The Post Is Deleted?

Fix Instagram Failed To Send Error

It can sometimes also occur that if you’re trying to send a post or a message to any status, and it gets failed. This error can happen if the post or status is not available anymore. This means the person may have deleted the post or the story.

Rather than struggling to send the message without any reason,  you need to check if the post or the story is still visible in the feed. If the post or the status has been deleted, you won’t be able to send DM to it anymore.

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4. Check Whether Instagram Server Is Down?

Fix Instagram Failed To Send Error

It happens to be one of the most important reasons for the “Instagram Failed To Send” error. Instagram for maintenance or other reasons may sometimes shut down for some amount of time.

If it is down, then you are only left with the option to patiently wait till the servers come up and available for the users. You can enjoy some other app for the time being. It may consume a little bit of time for the server to get restored and functional.

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5. Update Your Instagram App

Fix Instagram Failed To Send Error

Sometimes the messages are not delivered because you are using the older version of the app. You can easily find out whether this is the problem or not by checking the app on the Play Store or the Android Store. If you see an option for updating your app, then just update it and the error will be solved very easily by itself.

6. Excessive/Spam Activities On Instagram

Fix Instagram Failed To Send Error

If the above-mentioned ways are not the reason for the error then it might also be the reason that you are engaged in spamming activities.

As per the current policies of Instagram, an individual commenting on or sharing an excess number of irrelevant posts or posting too many photos and videos will be regarded as one engaged in the spamming activity and will be blocked or make your account more prone to being blocked by Instagram.

It is a very rare case and such account-holding individuals will have to contact Instagram for unblocking their account.

7. Force Stop The App & Clear Data

Fix Instagram Failed To Send Error

Force Stopping normally happens if the app gets frozen due to excess usage. In this case, clearing the cache data will make the app work like a newly installed one. The first thing you will have to do here is to clear the data of your Instagram account cache. Follow the below-given steps in order to replicate:

Step 1: Go to your phone settings.

Step 2: Then tap on the Additional Settings menu bar.

Step 3: Then tap on the Application Management sub-menu bar.

Step 4: Scroll down to search for Instagram.

Step 5: Finally, you will be able to see the options to Force Stop and Clear Data. Tap on these options and restart the Instagram app.

Probably, you will now be able to send the messages to the required individual.


Instagram has now emerged as one of the widely used social media apps which are owned by Facebook and also serve as a platform for a huge count of people to text anyone they want, post about their recent activities, and several other options.

Still, it is an application just like several other ones and cannot be totally error-free. So, the above-mentioned methods were the most probable reasons for the “Instagram failed to send” error and their fixtures.

We believe you will be able to resolve all your in-app errors by going through any of the given ways. Let us know if you’re still facing this error and we’ll try to help you fix this issue.

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