30+ FileLinked Codes List [Working Codes For 2022]

Today, we are discussing FileLinked which also called DroidAdmin. We will also talk about the best FileLinked codes to stream movies, shows, live TV, and others.

All the codes are given here will also allow miscellaneous and utility services like cleaners, browsers, etc. These codes have been selected for Amazon FireStick & Fire TV devices, Android TV, Android TV Boxes, and also for Android mobile devices.

What Is FileLinked?

Filelinked is a mass downloading application that is usable in both Amazon Fire and Android TV operating systems. The Filelinked codes allow you to install famous apps in your Kodi Box in a very short period of time.

Users can upload files on the repository of Filelinked, and they will be provided will the Filelinked codes so that other users can access them directly in the hardware box, thus saving a lot of time.

Is FiledLinked Safe?

  • In order to check and confirm the safety of Filelinked and its codes, we have scanned the official Filelinked APK against various viruses and malware.
  • We have used VirusTotal for the scanning purpose and we will let you know the results we have got.
filelinked codes
  • VirusTotal could not find any suspicious files or malware files in the whole Filelinked APK file.
  • Still, it does not mean that we should not stay cautious about it while instilling the non-verified apps from Filelinked.
  • The best method is to use a VPN that will secure your identity while using Filelinked or any other apps.

Best FileLinked Codes For Movies, Shows, & Live TV

Here in today’s write-up, we are going to provide you the best FileLinked codes for movies, shows, and live TV  with 30+ FileLinked Codes List to assist you in your streaming purposes.

1. Stream & Tech Now – 51829986

filelinked codes

Stream Tech & Now is the biggest Filelinked store, with an average of 600 freely apps. From free movie apps, TV Show apps, Live TV apps to other kinds of utility apps, you can get almost everything here.

The updated version appears on a well-ordered matter. You will have to keep it up-to-date with the current versions in order to continue access to your favorite streaming apps.

2. NxtLvlTech – 11039868

filelinked codes

NxtLvLTech is the oldest yet long-term running store. It gives you access to all the useful apps with the best streaming apps for free. This FileLinked code will provide you access to almost 300 apps.

The store dedicatedly maintains all the app updates whenever required. It will offer you a pack of on-demand as well as live shows apps. You will also get lots of utility apps to improve your Fire TV Stick and Android TV  efficiency.

3. Fire TV Sticks – 71607934

filelinked codes

Fire TV Sticks store is filled with great paid and non-paid streaming apps. A new Firestick user can easily be guided as per the arrangements of the store.

The above portion includes VPN services for free streaming. The next portion includes essential apps like Blokada, Mouse Toggle, and MX Player. The below portion includes Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV Apps.

4. NewTech’s APK Store – 22222222

filelinked codes

NewTech’s APK Store will offer you great apps that will hugely make a difference in improving your streaming capabilities.

Some of the remarkable apps in this store are CyberFlix, Terrarium TV, Cinema APK, Morph TV, MX Player, Mouse Toggle, Cloud TV, Titanium TV, Kodi APK, IPVanish, Aptoid TV, Redbox TV, Live Net TV, BeeTV, Magic TV, Morpheus TV, TVZion, Nord VPN and thousands of more.

5. Stream it All – 67664537

filelinked codes

Stream It All is a store that will give you access to a good number of helpful apps. It acquires more than 200 apps, personally tested by the store owner.

You can download a good amount of apps and update them when required. These apps will include apps for TV Shows, Movies, Free IPTV, Paid IPTV, modified apps, Adult Apps, and other kinds of utility tools accessible to your Firestick or Android device.

6. Electrical MD – 85810914

filelinked codes

Electrical MD is a YouTuber who maintains a Filelinked store that is filled with more than 50 various apps, categorized differently. These categories include Movies, live TV, TV series, tools, and media players.

This app store will provide quality apps like Viva TV, SD Maid, Fast Task Killer, Oreo TV, VLC, AstonCine, Cinema HD, BeeTV, and much more. No pin is required for access.

7. Dr. Venture – 27256340

filelinked codes

Dr. Venture is an app store that has always continued this Filelinked store over years and now has access to more than 130 apps in various categories.

These categories include Live TV, movies, TV series, anime, media players, social media, and various useful tools. Some remarkable apps the store provides include Kodi, Rokkr, Puffin TV, ES File Explorer, Nova TV, FreeFlix, and many more. No pin is required for access.

8. Juggernaut’s  Vault – 57518849

filelinked codes

Juggernaut’s Vault is a nice store for people who wants the best streaming apps for using to watch and enjoy Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, and Sports on the Firestick.

It gives a reemerging code that wasn’t working for some time. But now as it is working again, you will get all the provided apps in the store that are up-to-date as per their current versions.

9. The APK Tool Shed – 19867227

filelinked codes

The APK Tool Shed is a great Filelinked code. It offers a package of helpful apps to create a huge difference and put a light on your streaming experience.

You will also get various unique apps that will boost your speakers. You will also be able to download and install a variety of helpful apps like Anti-Virus scanners, VPNs, Utilities, IPTV Players, Live TV, Live Sports, and VOD.

10. Stream Doctor – 33627466

Stream Doctor is a newly launched store that provides the Best Apps for the Firestick. It doesn’t hold apps incompatible with the Firestick device.

You can stream and binge-watch here if you are using Amazon Fire Stick or Android TV. You will get apps that will offer Movie and TV Show Apps, Live TV Apps, Alternative App Stores, Media Players, Kodi, and Adult Apps.

More FileLinked Codes & Pins

Here is a list of more FileLinked codes & pins that you can use fir your streaming purpose.

  1. 11867288 – NoleDynasty
  2. 35746417 – TV Zion
  3. 45691709 – Slamious and Xanax Filelinked Store
  4. 80409018 – Kodi 18 Builds and More
  5. 17779393 – JO CAN, One of the largest Lists of APK’s. Adfree and Including Latino Stuff. – (PIN: 2222)
  6. 44427643 – Peters YouTuber, Big list of Kodi wizards & repositories
  7. 51829986 – Various APKs
  8. 71607934 – Various APKs
  9. 74238464 – Various APKs
  10. 38069272 – Various APKs
  11. 34349226 – Various APKs from Jays Tech
  12. 12345678 – NewTechevolution, Youtuber, Kodi Builds
  13. 27352278 – ModgodMal – (PIN: 4242)
  14. 76115743 – Various APKs
  15. 73047734 – James Evans – Enigma2Tv-Xtra – All sort of APKs – (PIN: 0572)
  16. 74129627 – Chad Hunte, streaming 758 has the latest streaming APKs
  17. 76705196 – A shed load of APKs from K Porteous – (PIN 3223)
  18. 51829986 – FreeTech. Pretty much everything covered in here
  19. 95030652 – From Reviews on This and That. Has shed loads of great APKs
  20. 73748207 – Bujiki Filelinked Depot.
  21. 42420789 – Great selection of APKs – (PIN 7997)
  22. 66324670 – Various APKs from EK Sored
  23. 13131313 – JetBox – (Pin: 4545)
  24. 96031172 – Various APKs – (Pin: 1234)
  25. 14224735 –  Movie RedBox – (Pin: 9876)


We hope that this write-up will guide you to use Filelinked in its best ways. Always try to use a VPN to secure your network, and staying cautious is suggested to protect your online activities.

If you know of any useful Filelinked codes and pins, send us the word down in the comments section or if you possess any queries or doubts about VPNs.

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