What Is Disney Plus Error Code 142 & How To Fix It? [2022]

Disney plus is a  popular on-demand streaming platform. You can watch several movies, tv shows on this platform from producers like Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney, National Geographic Channel, Star Wars, Pixar, etc, and also covers around 17 languages.

Also, it has classic movies and tv shows to watch and includes various genres, along with some good documentaries and yes, disney+ originals. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about the commonly occurring Disney Plus error code 142 and different ways to fix it.

Plus Error Code 142

Now if you love watching movies and shows you might be having a subscription plan to Disney plus, and now that you are here it is safe if I assume you have encountered this Disney + error code 142.

This disney+ error 142 is not present in the official list of Disney errors although there are a few ways which you can follow to fix this error 142. Now before knowing how to fix this error 142 let us know what this error is and why it occurs. So let us get started without any more delay.

What Is Disney Plus Error Code 142?

While watching your favorite television shows or movies you might have encountered this error and all of a sudden the screen goes blank or that error notification. This will not let you watch any of your shows or movies for a while until the error is fixed. So, all this together is Disney error code 142. Now, why does this error occur? 

It generally occurs because of server issues on the server-side or due to poor network. Also when users try to access the personage server this error code 142 can be seen as a guest or surprisingly. Now that we know about this Disney error code 142, let us learn ways how to fix it  

How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 142?

Below are the various methods you can refer to and implement to fix this Disney plus error code 142.

1. Restart Your Disney App

The first of all the things you can do to fix this Disney Plus error code 142 is to restart your Disney plus application. Usually, most of the errors get fixed by shutting down the devices and restarting them. 

Disney Plus Error Code 142

This error may also get fixed by restarting the application and after which you verify if the error still persists if the error is not fixed you can go for other methods listed below in this article. 

2. Check Your Server

The second thing you do when you get this Disney plus error code 142 is to check your server or verify it as this is also one of the reasons for the error to occur in the first place.

It may happen that due to some maintenance activity the server is temporarily down or maybe a lot of users accessed the server at the same time and the server went down. You can also check here for server issues.

3. Reinstall The Disney + App

If the above method did not fix this error code 142, do not worry you have a few other ways to fix this error. In this method, you should try reinstalling the Disney plus application on your device when you encounter an error like this.

Once you install the app again enter your credentials and verify if you are still facing the same error 142. If yes, try considering the next method to fix the issue. 

4. Sign Out And Sign In Again

If the above method didn’t fix the error you can consider this one. Here in this method, you have to sign out from the Disney plus application and then sign in again. Once you sign out, hang out for a few minutes and then sign in again.

Now verify if it still encounters the same error code 142. Hopefully, this should have fixed the error. If not, you can follow the next method to fix the issue of error code 142.

5. Update Disney + To Its Latest Version

Generally what happens is we forget to update the applications we use and use them on their latest versions. So make sure you have updated your Disney plus application. Updates are important as they give new features and also enhance and fix various errors that we users encounter while using the app.

Disney Plus Error Code 142

So if your app is not working on its latest version, get yourself updated and then check by turning it on if you still face the same error code 142. If yes the kets move on to the next method to fix this error code 142.

6. Use Another Browser Or Device

And the 6th method in this list of methods to fix Disney plus error code 142 is you can use another browser or device and see if you find the same error code 142 on that service too. 

Well if you are logging in on a browser, try switching to another browser like chrome, firefox, Microsoft edge, or any other which you like, and similarly, you can consider logging in on another device and verify if you encounter the same error code 142 even after changing your device or the browser.

If yes then follow the next method to fix this Disney plus error code 142 and I’m sure this will surely help you out someway.

7. Contact Disney + Help Center

Well, if you are not able to fix the issue of Disney plus error code 142 from all the above methods mentioned. Then the last resort is to consider contacting Disney plus help center.

Disney Plus Error Code 142

Most of the time you will not have to come till here and the error code 142 will most probably get fixed by the above methods.


So these were some methods you can follow to fix the issue or error of Disney plus error code 142. Disney plus app is used by many globally and errors like this while streaming your favorite show will certainly frustrate or irritate anyone. 

Thus we assume any one of the methods above should have fixed this error for you by the end of this article. 

We hope you found the article fruitful and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section.

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