What Is com.ebay.carrier & How To Uninstall It? [2022]

We all know eBay is a popular multinational e-commerce company where you can buy and sell goods such as electronics, automobiles-cars, etc, clothes, art crafts, shoes, accessories and there are many other categories. 

You will get expensive and good products at a low price depending on the seller and you can also empty your cupboard for new stuff in it if you want to by selling them on eBay. 

In this article, you’ll learn all about com.ebay.carrier.


eBay is used across 190 countries which means you can sell to around 182 million customers globally and has grown really big from the day it was founded till date.

Now, some may have noticed this application com.ebay.carrier application on their mobile devices and may have heard it is not safe or might have encountered errors or want to remove it from your smartphone.

We will answer all your queries in this article regarding the com.ebay.carrier application and also tell you how to uninstall com.ebay.carrier from your device. So, without any more delay, let us get started by knowing first what is com.ebay.carrier is.

What is com.ebay.carrier?

com.ebay.carrier as it sounds is a package related to ebay and is generally found in Android smartphones and most probably in those purchased by eBay. 

com.ebay.carrier is not a built-in app and it is not pre-installed by the eBay corporation. This package is usually on Android smartphones to promote eBay’s products, goods, services, etc. Also because it is not a pre-installed application by Android not many will find this package on their phones.

Now since it is a system application you cannot remove it like any other app, and your phone has to be rooted to uninstall it. Now let us see if this is important for your android smartphone and is it safe if you remove them from your device.

Is com.ebay.carrier Important for your Android Phone?

Without prolonging this, I would say, no com.ebay.carrier is not important for your smartphone and will not affect your device in anyways if you remove it. Since it only promotes the eBay platform on your device by monitoring or tracking your behavior like which sites you visit and like products, etc. You can remove it from your smartphone and it is not a prerequisite application. 


It’s only present in your phone because you bought it from the eBay store or someway the manufacturer might be related to the eBay company. There is this buzz that com.ebay.carrier is a malware, trojan, etc. Let us see to what extent this is true or false in the next section.

Is com.ebay.carrier Safe?

Yeah, it is absolutely fine and safe to keep the com.ebay.carrier package on your smartphone. Since it only goes through your activities and gives you recommendations and suggestions based on your activity. 


So this way you will get relevant suggestions and no unnecessary things. It’s up to you if you want to keep com.ebay.carrier on your smartphone or can uninstall it based on your interests. It sometimes happens that you see this error com.ebay.carrier on your smartphone, let us see now how you can fix it in a few simple steps. 

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How To Fix com.ebay.carrier Has Stopped?

You might have encountered this com.ebay.carrier has stopped error on your phone. You can fix it in a few simple steps by following the process below. 

  1. The first thing you do is move to the settings of your android smartphone. 
  2. Now navigate to the app and then tap on the 3 lines that you find which are next to the ones you may want to delete. 
  3. After this, in the list of all applications, try finding com.ebay.carrier in the list and tap on it. 
  4. Now you need to tap on force stop, and then on clear data and also clear cache. 
  5. That is how you can fix com.ebay.carrier has stopped error in a few simple steps.

Most probably this will fix the error without much trouble and now you know how to do it. 

Okay, many may not want this com.ebay.carrier package on their Android smartphones as sometimes all those suggestions and recommendations become sort of a headache. Thus, we will now see how to uninstall com.ebay.carrier package from our smartphone.

How To Uninstall com.ebay.carrier?

Uninstalling com.ebay.carrier is not simple as any other application. It is not possible to uninstall this app if your device is not rooted since com.ebay.carrier is a system application unlike other apps like Amazon, Facebook, etc.

If you want to do it without rooting, you have to force stop the application, although it may restart automatically. And you can also clear its data but once it restarts it automatically consumes data like before. It generally seems force stop is a good idea but it will not be hundred percent effective like rooting. 

So by rooting your device you can completely uninstall it from your smartphone. Once you root your device by following the necessary instructions from some guide or a reliable article, you have to download an application called system remover on your device and open it.

Once you installed and opened it, try finding com.ebay.carrier application from the list and you can remove it by tapping on uninstall. Then the application and also its data will be deleted permanently 

How To Uninstall com.ebay.carrier Without Root?

There is this way you can uninstall or more like stop com.ebay.android processing. You will find an application on Google Play named Force Stop Apps. This app does not need anything like root access to your phone. 

One can disable com.ebay.carrier from running in the background and therefore stopping its processing. 

It will not only stop the apps from working but will also make your phone faster. 

You now know everything about com.ebay.carrier application and if it is possible how to uninstall com.ebay.carrier application.


That was all about com.ebay.carrier. We explained everything about it from what it is, its use, fixes, and also how to remove com.ebay.carrier in simple terms. 

We hope you found the article helpful, and feel free to tell us if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section.

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