How To Check Twitch Chat Logs [Guide]

Twitch is one of the best and most popular live-streaming platforms if you want to live stream then you must choose this platform. You can make your live streams better if you know the opinion of your viewers which you do through chat. This feature allows you to interact with them. A twitch chat log is a complete record of these chats, it provides many useful data that you need to know a particular viewer. 

Twitch Chat Logs

In this article, we are going to talk about twitch chat logs, there are several reasons why chat logs are important. If you want to know how you can check twitch chat logs then read this article. 

Why Check Twitch Chat Logs?

Chat logs show you the complete record of twitch chats, it shows the user name, time, and other things. Twitch chat is a way to communicate with your viewers so you need to take things seriously as a streamer. You have to make sure that no one is commenting inappropriately on your channel, you can report the users from there. Sometimes users get banned from chats, if you want to know the reasons then you can read the chat logs to know the exact reason why. 

Twitch Chat Logs

Chat logs will help you understand your viewers much better, you can review your streams as per the data. It will help you know the things that your viewers liked and the parts where you should improve. You can become more engaging with your customers if you review the chat logs. There are also some channels where people face issues with the channel because of an inappropriate chat. You should follow twitch rules if you want to run your channel without an issue.

It will help you avoid abuse in the chats, some users use different accounts to abuse your chats but you can deal with them. By checking the chat logs you can decide whether or not someone is violating the rules.

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs 

1. Using The User Search Command

This method is convenient if you want to check the details of a particular user’s chat. For this, you need to go into the channel’s chatbox and type /user[Username]. It will show you different types of data related to the particular user such as, 

  • Every chat message left by the user will show you the full content of the chat.
  • It shows you the number of times that a user has commented on your twitch stream. 
  • How many times the users were banned, many users are frequently banned. This data will allow you to determine the number of times they were banned for their comments in the chat box. 
  • The date of the user’s account creation will help you determine whether or not the account is new or not. Some users create a different account just to comment on inappropriate things.
  • Moderators’ comments about that particular user.

This data can help in many ways, you should check everything carefully. It does not show the comments that have been removed by the moderators but this is still time-saving and helpful.

2. Using A Chatbot

Twitch Chat Logs

A chatbot is a big help for twitch streamers, it helps with quick replies, sorting comments, etc. There are many other features and you can also use this for checking the chatbot. Chatbots can be configured to maintain complete logs of chats on your stream, this is one of the easiest ways to check twitch chat logs. You have to start the chatbot in every stream chat, it will not maintain the logs in the chats where it wasn’t active. It will show you the complete data about everything that you need to know, you can also configure these bots to be searchable to make things more convenient.

3. Using VODs

Twitch Chat Logs

VOD stands for videos on demand, these are the videos that were previously streamed on twitch. Playing VODs will allow you to check chat logs and also the chats that were removed by the moderators, other methods can not show the logs of the comments that were removed by moderators. You have to go through chats to check things, it makes things a little time-consuming. If you don’t have any specific point then you have to go through the entire video which will not be easy to check. 

Twitch has enabled chat recordings in VODs so you will find what you are looking for. Videos that were posted before the past two weeks will not be found there. There may even be fewer recordings if you are just a beginner on twitch. Just download and install the software, it is an ideal option for you. 

4. Using Third-Party Software

Twitch Chat Logs

Logs are important and you should know them in their best form, the data should be managed carefully. Using third-party software can be a better option as there are more features in that software compared to the default chat logs. You can use the popular options, there are enough options. They can manage things for the long term and provide you with more clear data. However, the chats that were removed by the moderators will not show up on these applications as well.

You can download the chat logs in this software, they are much more ideal for this job. You can use software such as chatty which is used by many streamers. It can manage logs and can report in the long term, it has better features than you can find on Twitch.


Twitch chat logs are useful for you in many ways, you can use all of these methods to manage chat logs. Logs will help you understand a situation in case a user is banned or suspended from commenting. You can look into the matter carefully to know the exact reason behind the case. All of these four methods are working and easy to use, just follow the instructions as we mentioned.

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