9 Best Websites Like Slader To Help You With Homework

We students when doing homework will certainly have doubts and questions. Some will be cleared after thinking for a while and some will hurt our heads and yeah teachers can’t help us out 24/7 in person.

Nonetheless, let me say again teachers still can help us 24/7 with websites like Slader and we can utilize them to get our homework done. Not to forget we do get almost everything from Google and now these specific sites for education are way more helpful. 

Thus, I have listed some best websites like Slader that you can go through and enhance your knowledge, skills, and understanding of the subject. 

What Is Slader?

Slader was an amazing site where it helped you with all your homework and came up with reliable answers to all your questions. 

However, the site has now moved to Quizlet and is now helping you there with its step-by-step explanations and description. Therefore we have listed the best websites like Slader that you can consider looking forward to or Quizlet, the one it has moved to. 

What Are The Best Websites Like Slader?

Here’s the list of best websites like Slader and I’m sure these will clearly help you with your homework in the best way. 

1. Chegg

Well, undoubtedly this is a quite popular one among websites like Slader. Chegg has been helping several students in completing their homework, comprehending all the concepts from various subjects for quite a long time. 

websites like slader

Chegg provides you with 24/7 study support, books, and also career planning and it boasts that 90% of students get better grades using Chegg. With Chegg, you can buy or rent books and save around 90% when you rent. There are over 400,000 ebooks available at as low as $6.99 per month. 

Chegg helps you build your knowledge with problems, quizzes, and many more things. There will be tons of explanations to all your problems and if you have any questions then simply take a snap of it and get answered by experts in less than 30 min. There are many more helpful features here other than these and hence worth pondering.  

It has a study free trial for 4 weeks. 

Starts at $14.95 per month. 

2. Quizlet

Now Quizlet is another nice one in this list of best websites like Slader and this has been helping students from around 2005. The center of attraction here is its flashcards that help you turn your study mode on and simply start studying and discerning your subject. 

websites like slader

You will find arts and humanities, languages, maths, science, social sciences, and a few others. One will get a step-by-step explanation of all their doubts from thousands of textbooks and all the solutions are verified. 

You can search for your textbook by its name or ISBN. There are also many study sets created by teachers, lecturers, and other students for more convenience. However, you can also create your own. Quizlet does help pretty well to gain good grades. 

3. Brainly

Brainly is another great website that aids you with homework and is relatively a distinguished one in this list of best websites like Slader. Brainly helps you with subjects- history, Hindi, Maths, English, Chemistry, Chinese, French, Psychology, Physics, Accountancy, CBSE boards, and a few more. 

websites like slader

There are also textbook solutions where you’ll find all step-by-step solutions to all your toughest problems. The experts here are students, teachers, PhDs, and other geniuses simply wanting to tackle your problems. The site is completely free to use, you simply have to sign in to get the answers. 

Also, it has applications like Chegg and Quizlet to make things easier. And brainly has some really good reviews. 

4. Sparknotes

Here we have SparkNotes and yes this one’s also nice in this list of websites like Slader. This site is more beneficial for those who are into literature and love reading titles like To Kill The Mockingbird, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo, and Juliet…

websites like slader

And you will find guides for other subjects like history, maths, biology, drama, sociology, poetry and a few others. Although it focuses more on classic literature, it still has incredible material for other subjects with simple problems, comprehensive explanations, and descriptions of your problems. 

It also has social accounts where you will discover their engaging literary and humorous knowledge. 

5. CourseHero

There are always some difficult problems that knock heads out and at times like these apps like Slader help us and this one’s also a relatively good one. With this site too, you will get the answers in just 15-20 minutes from course hero’s experts. 

websites like slader

You will also find textbook questions that are verified by educators. You can get free access to study documents by uploading your study documents. Also, you can opt for popular courses and also have access to around 60 million study-specific material. 

For instant access, you can choose a plan of $ 9.99 per month and start helping yourself in your education and understanding of the subject. 

6. Fact Monster

Fact Monster’s Frank will help you with all your homework, studies, and facts. Fact Monster is also pretty good at aiding you with studies like apps like Slader. 

websites like slader

It’s for primary classes for students till 7 grade and you can also play games like hangman, math flashcards, tic tac Toe, word searches, quizzes, 1010 classics, and many more. Learn everything from history to the timeline of the US. Some general knowledge of people like biographies, fun facts, etc. All the concepts of math and science and other subjects. These are some things covered with this site. 

Also, you get access to tools like atlas, thesaurus, encyclopedia, distance calculator, dictionary, place finder, conversion calculator, etc. 

7. Jiksha

And now in this list of best apps like Slader, we have jiksha. Well, it sounds more like Shiksha which is a Hindi term meaning education. And as the name says, it helps us students understand concepts, learn and grow. 

You simply have to post your question and wait some time, you will get answered pretty quickly. You can search questions in their search box or put questions from various subjects like biology, engineering, physics, social studies, maths, English, and a few more. 

It is absolutely free and is an ad-supported platform, also accessible 24/7 to everyone around the world. Now, on Jiksha anyone can post a question and anyone can answer. It has become an interactive platform over years and there’s no registration required. 

8. RefDesk

RefDesk is another one among websites like Slader and is a decent one to consider. You will get material and content for students from grades 1 to 12 and also college. However, you may not like the interface of this site much as it looks quite clumsy or confusing I suppose. 

websites like slader

All your doubts, questions, can be elucidated by asking experts, reference books for all grades, numerous tools, and research papers to get your solutions and finish what you started. Make sure to check the site and learn how it can help you. 

9. Quizizz

And now comes Quizizz and this one as the name suggests does help you with all your homework. Quizzes are centralized here and you will find numerous quizzes to test your skills and abilities.

websites like slader

One can go through all the interactive quizzes, to enjoy learning. Presentations, polls, and quizzes will engage you lively and also get asynchronous concept checks and various tools. 

English, maths, science, social studies, computer science, world languages, and creative arts are some subjects it can help you with. It’s used by over 150 countries and loved by many educators to aid and employ their students. 


These are some of the best websites like Slader which will inevitably help you with all your homework problems. Nonetheless, trying to think out of the box and solve problems yourself and then utilizing these sites is always nice. 

Hope you found the article helpful and let us know if you have any more good ones in the comment section. 

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