15 Best Token Generators MTG [2022]

Magic: The Gathering is collectively referred to as Magic or MTG. MTG is a trading and collectable card game created by Richard Garfield. It was the first trading game ever and was released by Wizards of the Coast in 1993. In this article, we will tell you about 15 of the best token generators MTG players can use.

Till 2018 December it has over thirty-five million players and twenty billion magic cards were delivered from 2008 to 2016.

Every user in this card game is granted a character Planeswalker. The players in the game start as planeswalkers who cast spells, use artefacts and ask for various creatures with different capacities.

The game players break other players by creating a big loss to the life points of an opponent with the help of creatures and casting spells 

MTG can be played on desktop, tab and mobile devices. The software available for MTG is Magic:The Gathering Online. Like, Dungeons and Dragons MTG consists of more difficult game rules and needs more cards to play.

To overcome the enemy, players in this game use creature tokens for combination attacks.

The token is used to give the player an upper hand.

15 Best Token Generators MTG [Magic: The Gathering]

Let us move on to the best token generators for MTG 2022.

1. Lingering Souls

One of the multi-coloured token generators is Lingering Souls. It can generate two different 1/1 flying creature tokens, which the player can recollect if black mana is ready at that time.

Lingering Souls are generally found in Hatebears builds or Abzan Midrange. 

This token generator is greatly against Liliana of the Veil. In this token generator, immunity from the lightning bolt or terminate action will add to its 3WB for four 1/1 abilities.

best token generators mtg

2. Young Pyromancer

Young Pyromancer is the best red coloured token generator. It is famous for its easy token generation.

Players can quickly build troops of the army after triggering any moment or sorcery spells by using low-cost drawing spells like opt and burn inducing spells such as shock. The player should have left with enough mana to cast another spell immediately after for more effects. After generating one token from Young Pyromancer, it is very essential to take out minimal value from the card.

best token generators mtg

3. Scute Mob

Scute Mob is also known as Scute Swarm. It is the green coloured token generator that works wonderfully with fetch lands. 

There is this insect Scute Swarm which is pretty dangerous and provides two separate tokens. Also, one vanilla 1/1 insect is developed by Scute Mob and it is not less than six lands.

best token generators mtg

4. Requiem Angel

Requiem Angel the Magic Gathering card, an amazing magic gathering deck archetype developed by Avacyn Restored Set.

Whenever you control the non-spirit creature and in case if it dies, you simply have to put spirit creature(1/1) by flying on the board.

best token generators mtg

5. The Anointed Procession

The Anointed Procession is also known as Amonkhet. Amonkhet is also a Magic:The Gathering comprised of Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation.

It was published on April 28, 2017, and Hour Of Devastation was published on July 14, 2017.

best token generators mtg

It has an ancient Egyptian theme and features concepts such as mummies and embalming.

6. The Awakening Zone

The Awakening Zone is part mana ramp and part swarm.

This token generator has a very reasonable price. The awakening zone needs only one green as it can mix well at multi-coloured decks. 

At the start of the game, Zone allows you to create a 0/1 Eldrazi spawn token. You can lose this token which you can add to one colourless mana from your pool.

best token generators mtg

7. Mycoloth

Mycoloth is a single card individual game from the MTG trading card game. It is a very rare token from the commander 2015. It is a green card token generator. It has a toughness of 4/4. Mycoloth has the number 192/342. Raymond Swanland Card is the artist of Mycoloth. 

best token generators mtg

At the start of your sustenance, keep a 1/ 1 green approving creature token onto the battlefield for each 1/1 counter on Mycoloth.

8. Twilight Drover

Twilight Drover is a single card individual game from the Ravanica set of trading card games and collectable card games. It is a white card token generator type. Twilight Drover has a toughness of 1/1. The creature is SpiritPower. 

best token generators mtg

The card text is whenever a creature token leaves a game, keep 1/1 counter on Twilight Drover. Again, discard the 1/1 counter from it, now keep a 1/1 spirit creature token from flying into the game.

9. Sprout Swarm

Sprout Swarm is a green card type generator in Magic: The Gathering. It is a pretty innocent card. The card type of Sprout Swarm is instant. 

best token generators mtg

You have to put 1/1 saproling creature token for two mana and three more mana you can buy payback.

10. Grave Titan

Grave Titan is another token generator of Magic:The Gathering. The card number of Grave Titan is 98. Its mana cost is 4 and later converted to 6. The creature type token is Giant. The expansion was in 2012. Nils Hamm was the artist of Grave Titan.

best token generators mtg

The rarity of the token generator is Mythic Rare. The card text is whenever Grave Titan enters the battlefield or attacks, create 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens. The flavour text of it is Death in form and function. It has a toughness of 6/6.

11. Martial Coup

Martial Coup, the token generator of MTG trading and collectable card games. It used to have the mana cost X and converted to 2. The creature type is sorcery. Martial Coup has the card number 11. The artist of Martial Coup is Greg Staples. 

The card text is to create X 1/1 white soldier creature tokens. If X is 5 or more, kill all other creatures. Their war forgotten, the nations of Bant stood united in the face of a common threat is flavor text of Martial Coup.

best token generators mtg

12. Intangible Virtue

Intangible Virtue is a lord type magic that gives 1/1 and alertness to creature tokens. The mana cost is 1and the converted mana cost is 2. It has an uncommon rarity. Clint Cearley is the artist of Intangible Virtue. The card number is 3. 

In life, they were a motley crew: farmers,  lords, cutpurses, priests. In death, they are united in a singular, benevolent purpose is flavor text.

best token generators mtg

13. Ashnod’s Altar

Ashnod’s Altar is another type of MTG token generator. It has a mana cost of 3 and the converted mana cost is 3. The creature type token is Artifact. The Rarity of Ashnod’s Altar is rare. 181 is the card number of it. Anson Maddocks is the artist of Ashnod’s Altar.

best token generators mtg

The card text is, sacrifice one of your creatures to add 2 colourless mana to your mana pool. This effect is played as an interrupt. You may not lose a creature that is on its way to the graveyard.

14. Shark Typhoon

Shark Typhoon is one of the best blue card type-token generators. It has a mana cost of 5 and a converted mana cost is 6. The creature type token is an enchantment and the card number is 67. The Rarity of the Shark Typhoon is rare. Calo Monteiro is an artist.

best token generators mtg

Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, create an X/X blue shark creature token with flying. X is the spell’s mana value. Cycling X/X discard this card and draw a card. When you cycle a Shark Typhoon, create an X/X blue shark creature token with flying.

15. Cryptobreaker

Cryptobreaker is another MTG trading and collectable card game token generator. The converted mana cost is 1. The type is Creature – Zombie. The Rarity of Cryptobreaker is rare. It has a toughness of 1/1. The card number is 86. Darek Zabrocki is an artist.

best token generators mtg

The card text is, discard a card: Create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token. Tap three untapped Zombies you control: You draw a card and you lose 1 life.


The above mentioned are the best token generators MTG. Not only the above-mentioned tokens there are many others for MTG. Try to pick the best one and use it in your game to defeat the opponent players.

I hope, this article will help you out in choosing the best and appropriate token generators for MTG.

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