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TinyPic is an image & video hosting and sharing platform that offers users to exchange, transfer, and share pictures and files online. It supports sharing of images in these formats – JPEG (jpg), png, gif, and tiff to other users on the web.

Users also look for various TinyPic alternatives for similar purposes. There are many similar websites that offer the same services either for free or for a fee. We have picked some alternatives to TinyPic in this article.

Best TinyPic Alternatives

Here, we will discuss the 10 best TinyPic alternatives that will assist you as per your requirements.

1. Imgur

tinypic alternatives

Imgur is a great platform for upload, host, transfer and share pictures with anyone in the whole world. You can also keep your images private by changing the security settings. You need to create a record in order to use its administrations.

Being approved as one of the Top sites for hosting sites like TinyPic, you can use as many images and posts as you want to. There is also an option for sharing your work via email. Still, it only allows sharing 50 images in IP addresses.

2. Flickr

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Flickr is a very common site for online image hosting. You will get stunning photographs on this platform. The site was started in 2004 and has reached good heights now. In 2013, Flickr gained 87 million registered members with 3.5 million new uploaded photos on a daily basis.

It provides good services and thus a great option for photographers who want to upload their talents and help and inspire you about how and where to click catchy images.

3. SmugMug

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Smugmug is a perfect site where you can create catchy portfolios of photography and sell the pictures. It offers good photographic tools to make your work more stunning. It also offers services like customized portfolio templates, password protection, shareable website links, etc.

As because the site is owned by Flickr, you have to pay to experience all its services. This is a heavenly platform for users who can invest money for worthy results.

4. 500PX

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500px is almost similar to Imgur and Flickr, which will help you to share your pictures with the whole world. It offers a simple user interface like other simple social media sites. By uploading pictures in 500px, you can also earn money.

But you will have to buy the paid membership if you want to use the site for a longer period of time. A group of various photographers can upload and share their stunning photos with wide audiences here and earn money with the engagement.

5. Photo Bucket

tinypic alternatives

Photobucket site allows you to host and share images and videos for free. Being approved as a top one among the best photograph uploading sites usable in general, it’s is a great TinyPic alternative for the users.

In the starting, you can get access up to 2GB for your data. But the popping up of ads and commercials results in being quite annoying for free users. In that case, you will have to buy the ad-free subscription of $4.99/month.

6. Google Photos

tinypic alternatives

Google Photos is a very famous platform that every Android smartphone possesses. Here you can upload unlimited photos, videos, and Gifs, depending on your Google storage. You can upload your files here without any charges.

It will always backup your contents by itself and help your smartphone to run smoothly by freeing up extra spaces.  If you use compressed size images for uploading, you will be able to upload files with no storage limit and backup them easily.

7. Image Shack

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Image Shack is a site where you can host or upload high-resolution images, label them, create a collection and pick included pictures from various people and areas for your need.

You can keep your images private from the security settings. They provide a 30 day free trial period that you can use to know about their services. It has an eye-catchy interface that you can use to share images with anyone you want to.

8. Postimage

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PostImage is a site where you will be offered picture hosting lifetime for free but at first, you will have to create a record on the site. This site allows you to upload and host images, mainly for escorts.

You can post various pictures and resize them for your own use, web, message sheets, email, or PC screens. You can also keep replicas of various online images from the URL list of the upload images that PostImage allows you to save for the users.

9. PicturePush

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Picture Push is a platform that is used to upload various photos and videos. The user interface is quite simple and ordinary but, it offers quick services as compared to other sites that make it an amazing TinyPic alternative.

Picture Push doesn’t offer free services. It comes with a premium one-year subscription of €12. You can upload photos and videos and share them anytime with anyone you want to, after buying the paid plan.

10. Unsee

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Unsee is somewhat different from the other platforms. It is a site where you can share or host images for few hours or for a day for a short time period. You also get a feature where you will be able to chat with the other users using this site.

The site doesn’t offer many features or tools for permanent image hosting or specialized image editing but a good platform for users who want and like their posts to be temporary.


The above-mentioned platforms will help you to share images as per your needs. Few sites may ask you to register, while others will not. After gathering a bunch of images, you will be able to host and share them, or you may use them in other places online.

We hope the information will help you fulfill your requirements. Send us your thoughts in the comments section below regarding any doubts or suggestions about this article.

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