10 Best Sites Like Rabbit – Rabb.it Alternatives [2022]

We also love and enjoy watching movies and TV shows, especially with our friends. Maybe it’s due to the emotional attachment everyone looks to share with someone they admire.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than laughing so much on a funny scene, cursing a villain to cheering a hero or a heroine, or crying so bad on an emotional scene with your friends.

Rabb.it took it all. Still, there are also some more of them that will offer you the same. So today, we will discuss the sites like Rabbit in this write-up.

Best Rabb.it Alternatives: Sites Like Rabbit

Here, we will talk about the 10 best Rabb.it alternatives or the 10 best sites like rabbit that you can enjoy with your friends and family, either for paid or for free.

1. Rave

sites like rabbit

Rave is a video streaming app with a catchy interface. It offers social media features in its web-based service. It provides its services on both iOS and Android devices.

You can share as much music and videos as you want in a single tap, even with your smartphone. You can also make connections with your friends and other contacts with the help of this app.

2. Watch2Gether

sites like rabbit

Watch2Gether has started its journey in 2011. It’s quite a famous alternative to Rabb.it as it acquires a huge share as compared to the video-sharing platforms.

The best part here is, by watching your desired videos, you can enjoy online shopping from famous stores like Amazon. It is accessible on all kind of operating systems which mean, everyone can use this site and connect with their friends for streaming.

3. MyCircle.TV

sites like rabbit

MyCircle.TV started its journey back in 2011 in England. This site offers totally free access to its users which means, you won’t require to register out signup in order to use it. MyCircle.TV also offers a neat and clean user interface.

Here, you can upload and share your chosen videos with your friends and also in personal groups through private chatrooms. You can create or join these chatrooms by yourself for your friends. You will also be able to manage your remaining chats and your playlists in your way.

4. AndChill

sites like rabbit

AndChill is a very popular application that offers quick and easy chatting with friends, share various links, and watch lots of online videos with its easy and faster user interface.

AndChill is quite simpler to use even if you are new to this site. You can share your videos and music just with a single tap. You can also join public groups that are used for chatting with other people of the same interests.

5. TogetherTube

sites like rabbit

TogetherTube has almost a similar kind of look as the other Rabb.it an alternative site on this list. It also offers to create both private and public chatrooms, listen to music, and watch different videos.

But TogetherTube acquires a different kind of feature that offers to vote on the videos. The one that will be played next must gain the highest number of votes.

6. Caracal

sites like rabbit

Caracal is considered one of the best alternative sites of Rabbit on the market by its easy accessibility these days. The site is easily accessible via mobile and watches movies and TV Shows for free without any hassle.

It will offer you a handful of virtual web browsers that you can use to watch videos on any website with your friends by creating various public or private rooms. It also provides a remote control option for putting more videos for watching.

7. Invited

sites like rabbit

Invited is a free Rabbi.it alternative that will offer you to host watch parties via virtual browsers and share remote control with your friends. It comes with an optional subscription plan of $5/month and $50/year.

You can enjoy Youtube, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Disney+, and many more by creating a room and sharing the invite link for the video you want to watch. Invited also offers you text and voice chat options with free virtual machines in private rooms

8. Kosmi

sites like rabbit

Kosmi is quite similar to Rabb.it as it offers to share screen and watch and stream videos while enjoying your friends.

The best part of Kosmi is, it allows its users to play games like Quake 3, set up a Texas Hold’em Poker table, and make a virtual card table, providing a unique way to hang out and chill with your friends anytime you want.

9. Netflix Party

sites like rabbit

Netflix Party is a quite game-changing application for all Netflix viewers. It’s is a Google Chrome extension that offers you to watch and enjoy Netflix with minimum hassle with your friends.

All the friends in your group need to log in to their accounts and choose a movie or TV show to watch after installing this application and join your Netflix Party. There is also an option for chatting in real-time with your friends.

10. Synaptop

sites like rabbit

Synaptop is a web-based application that allows you to enjoy the synced videos with friends via a remote connection. You have to open an account then you will be able to add apps from where you will be able to watch selected movies, listen to music, play games, read books, and many more.

It also provides a chat service that you can use to collaborate on workable projects. You don’t have to download anything, as it is completely a web-based, remote desktop application for sharing various contents and, it’s absolutely free.


On a sad note, Rabb.it was shut down in July 2019.  It gained almost 400,000 users just one year after it was established in the year 2013. Keeping an eye on this matter, we have shared the best 10 sites like Rabbit that you can use for the same purpose.

We hope the write-up will help you. Send us a word in the comments section below if you have any doubts or suggestions or if we have missed anything in the article.

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