10 Best Sites Like Fingerhut [2022 Alternatives]

Maintaining household expenses is not at all an easy job. It requires a lot of planning to acquire something you need, besides also making sure that you don’t cross your budget.

Thankfully, Fingerhut helps us with this issue by letting us purchase an item immediately and pay later for it. Still, there are several other sites like Fingerhut, which we will discuss today. Every platform has its own terms and conditions. Let’s get started.

What Is Fingerhut?

Fingerhut is a long-running famous buy now and pays later store from where you can shop almost everything as per your needs. It also offers a credit card of its own that is eligible to lots of users and customers.

You can make large household purchases here and pay the prices back at the minimum monthly rate of $6.99 that is a really good side of Fingerhut.

You will be able to purchase a handful of the appliances, gifts, and electronics as per your household requirements without paying for all of them at the same time.

Best Sites Like Fingerhut

In this post, we are ready to discuss the 10 best sites like Fingerhut that you can use as a Fingerhut alternative and shop without working about budget tension.

1. The Shopping Channel

Sites Like Fingerhut

As the name says, the shopping channel (TCS) is a site for shopping that offers a wide range of collections of jewelry, fashion, gifts, and more to its customers.

If you want to shop for some dresses but you don’t have enough money at this moment, the shopping channel is a site like Fingerhut where you can purchase items via credit which you can also pay later.

2. After Pay

Sites Like Fingerhut

Afterpay lets you browse hundreds of apparel stores. Here you can purchase house furniture, kitchen appliances, office furniture, electronics, and more. You can also split the payment every 2 weeks for up to 4 interest-free installments.

So you get a total of 6 weeks for paying for an item. This is a pretty standard mode for loan providers who provide interest-free loans. Your payment process will not affect your credit score as Afterpay will not run your credit checks.

3. Ginny’s

Sites Like Fingerhut

Ginny’s is another similar website like Fingerhut that offers a credit account to all its customers. You only have to add all the necessary items to your cart and check out.

During checkout, you will get an option for creating a credit account that will help you to buy items now and pay later for them. It provides a very low amount that needs to be paid every month, and that’s what makes it a perfect option.

4. Zebit

Sites Like Fingerhut

Zebit offers great services by which you can split your product payments like the Deferred Shipping that will allow you to split the down payment into 3 equal paid installments per week. Your order will get processed and shipped after you finish paying its full price.

You can pay the remaining price in the next 6 months bi-weekly, weekly, semi-monthly, or on a monthly basis. The next one is ZebitLine that will allow you to pay to down payment at checkout first and then paying the remaining price in the next 6 months in 3 installments.

5. Midnight Velvet

Sites Like Fingerhut

Midnight Velvet is another platform that provides smooth buy items now and pays for them later offer for its users. You will get to pick items from a variety of fashion clothing, jewelry, and accessories to buy either for yourself or for your dearer ones.

You will also be able to create a credit account during your check out, just like the site Fingerhut. Start shopping.

6. Country Door

Sites Like Fingerhut

Country Door is similar to Ginny’s, as both of them offer to sign up for a credit account. Start shopping, create a credit account during the checkout and start the approval process.

Here, the lowest monthly payments are almost $20 per month, which is a good way to save money on bigger purchases. Country Door also has a good range of furniture, kitchen, and outdoor products, that their customers can purchase for their own requirements.

7. Flexshopper

Sites Like Fingerhut

FlexShopper is a web store that offers you a spending limit in which you can choose from over 85,000 items with a buy now, pay later variation. After your profile gets approved for the spending limit, you will have to pay the bills in weekly payments.

It must be paid for over a year in order to own the product. Most of the items offered are include electronics and appliance range. Although, you can get tires, mattresses, and other kinds of furniture as well.

8. Overstock

Sites Like Fingerhut

Overstock is one of the largest websites that offers furniture, home décor, and electronics that you can go for, even if you are not searching for a platform that provides specialized credit.

But, it does not provide  the option for Bill Me Later while the checkout period. In total, it is a nice platform that will provide you discount furniture if you want to furnish your home, then you must try this site once.

9. Seventh Avenue

Sites Like Fingerhut

Seventh Avenue is quite similar to Country Door and Ginny’s. The approval process is completely the same, which makes it simpler to sign up for a couple of sites if you like their items.

The lowest payment here is $20 per month. Here, you can go for a wide range of furniture items like beds, bath products, electronics, patio sets, and also supplies for grilling good food to enjoy with your family.

10. QVC

Sites Like Fingerhut

QVC is a bit different than the other sites but, it offers you a physical credit card that will be beneficial for you as you can use it in several ways and places. You can use them here for some great deals on their item.

Also, as well as in almost every store and some famous websites too. QVC also has countless products that you can choose from, ranging from beauty items to shoes and lots of electronics and appliances.


So, we have narrowed down the best sites like Fingerhut which you can use as a shopping platform without worrying about crossing your budget or going over your expenses.

Share your favorite site like Fingerhut from this list in the comments section below and if you have any doubts or suggestions regarding this article, ask them below.

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