10 Best SevenTorrent Alternatives To Watch Movies For Free [2022]

We all love watching movies and tv shows and everyone these days is aware of torrent sites and all. Your presence tells us you already are aware of what torrent sites are and that you are looking for SevenTorrent alternatives.

Seventorrent was a great site that used to provide us with free torrents in high quality and had a huge collection of the classic and latest content on it. However due to legal issues the site had to retire and eventually its users started looking for SevenTorrent alternatives. 

Thus in this article, we are listing out the 10 best SevenTorrent alternatives which more or less provide you the same experience as SevenTorrents. So let us get started without any more delay.

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Here Are 10 Best SevenTorrent Alternatives

Below is the list of best SevenTorrent alternatives you can consider checking out.

1. The Pirate Bay

This is one of the most famous SevenTorrent alternatives listed in this article. It’s a pretty old site that was founded by a Swedish group called PiratByran in 2003. You will find all the entertainment and software content here. 

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With the help of pirate bay, users can share audio, video files, game files, new movie releases, and several tv shows. Moreover, this site does not host all the content here rather it directs you to the location where the content you are searching for can be found. 

This site uses bit torrent protocol providing peer-to-peer sharing using magnet links. Though it has faced many legal actions it still is working and says that it is in accordance with Swedish law. 


RARBG is another great one among the best SevenTorrent Alternatives. You will find several proxies of RARBG that provides various movies and tv shows. 

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You can not only download movies and television shows but also games, software, ebooks, music, etc. The site is active with many people using it and you can also download this stuff from here easily. 

RARBG has all high-quality videos and other content too. It was initially started in 2008 as a Bulgarian tracker. It is one of the most-visited torrent sites and has gained enough attention from users. 

3. 1337X

The third one in this list of best SevenTorrent Alternatives is 1337X. The 1337X was introduced in 2007 and since then it is popular and also a decent one among all to consider. 

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1337X has its users from mostly the UK and Europe. Also, it is loved worldwide and this site is community-based. That means one who visits this site and finds torrents are the source for the best torrents on this site. 

Moreover, 1337X is among the top 3rd best torrent sites as of 2021. You can definitely go for it if you like watching movies, tv shows, games, etc. 

4. WatchSoMuch

WatchSoMuch is again a famous one among SevenTorrent Alternatives and will certainly satisfy users of SevenTorrent and will be loved by them. 

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As the name suggests you can watch great stuff on this site. It has a good and user-friendly interface and gives you high-quality shows and movies that you will love. 

It also has nice and smart features with searching or filtering on WatchSoMuch is very efficient. Also, it appears that WatchSoMuch will find better ways and make torrenting easier to avoid legal actions. 

5. Zooqle

Now zooqle is a new one in this list of best SevenTorrent Alternatives however it holds strong and has a huge database to stand among the best torrent sites like SevenTorrent and many others. 

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The best part is the search engine which is quick and gives you nice options to filter out the torrents and movies and tv shows. Though zooqle is a newbie in this industry it is being predicted that zooqle will last long and will certainly be a popular one with a mega database just like a top torrent site has. 

So yeah if you are looking for a seventorrent alternative you can also consider going for zooqle and check it out. 

6. Yify Torrent

If you want to download and watch only movies and tv shows and these are your only concern and no other software or games then yify Torrent is the one you should consider. 

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Yify’s interface is pretty simple and is easy to navigate. This site makes downloading and moving through various pages seamlessly easy. 

Moreover, you can download the movies and television shows in HD quality and also in small size. Also, downloads on this site are faster and more flexible. 


Here comes EZTV in this list of best seventorrent alternatives. This one is also quite popular among seventorrent alternatives. This one is a decent site in this list and eztv comes in the list of 1000 top sites on Alexa.

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EZTV has a simple design making things, navigation, etc easy for the user. Users can use it for free, create an account on EZTV and keep track of all the torrents list. You can stay updated with all new episodes and seasons of several series by looking at its countdown list. 

On this site, you will find all the information regarding torrents, and the experience remains satisfactory. 

8. LimeTorrents

Lime torrents is another nice one in this list of best seventorrent alternatives. This site- lime torrent also has a minimalist user interface with easy navigation of course. This site apparently fills the space left by seventorrent and offers you with huge database. 

It provides several movies, television shows, documentaries, series, and many more. It gives you easy filtering options along with the search box. Moreover, the content here is wide i.e, you will find various genres that will keep you entertained. 

It is definitely a popular one used widely so you should check it out if you are a torrent user.

9. Sky Torrents

Now, are you looking for a safe torrent site? If yes, then sky torrent is the one you should start considering. It is relatively safe downloading from skytorrent than any other site or seventorrent alternatives. 

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Although one cannot deny it does not have huge databases like other sites with plenty of movies and tv shows, if you are looking for security, this is the one. 

Furthermore, the good thing about skytorrent is you will not find any ads on this site like others while trying to download your torrents. So yes you can enjoy an ad-free experience and also safeguard your data with skytorrent.

10. IsoHunt

And the last one in this list of best seventorrent alternatives is IsoHunt and yeah this one is can also be considered a decent one in this list. The thing is if you are a torrent user for a long time you might already be aware of this amazing site that provides free torrents.

seventorrent alternatives

However, due to legal action because of piracy, the original site is taken down and many proxies of IsoHunt have emerged giving us more or less the same features and good database of the content we wish to find.


So, these were some of the best seventorrent alternatives you can check out if you are looking for sites like seventorrent. More or less all the sites mentioned above are good ones to find your content whether game files, music, videos, movies, etc you will find there.

Hope you found the article beneficial and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section.

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