10 Best Roblox Horror Games You Need To Play In 2022

The horror genre has a different fan base altogether. If darkness is what seduces you, then horror games will knock your tip.

Roblox has induced an impression of a non-scary hardcore gaming arena. But to your surprise, the best Roblox games come from the horror genre.

It will tick your appetite to give these creative and intriguing games a shot. 

So be ready to get a dopamine kick, experience the chills and thrills of the Roblox horror games.

10 Best Roblox Horror Games

Here are the best horror games for Roblox:

1. Alone In A Dark House

Roblox Horror Games

Alone in a dark house – a classic Roblox horror game developed by image, with a very spooky and chilling storyline that revolves around a mysterious murder.

This Roblox horror game will keep throwing surprises at you now and then. 

The game is set in an isolated dark house in a small town. The ghastly effect is magnified by enthralling background light and sound.

Roblox Horror Games

The core story sees you as the protagonist who is an investigator. He travels to a small village to demystify a vehicular murder.

He finds some clues and gets leads in the investigation which leads him to a house. And from there, the central storyline begins.

Roblox Horror Games

Contrary to the game title, you can play the game with 20 people at once, who will help you solve various puzzles.

The game offers various badges to players to engage and encourage them to play frequently. 

While playing you will encounter ghosts, paranormal and ghastly visuals, some creepy stuff, etc.

Roblox Horror Games

You will also find a horrifying figure haunting the house. Though it doesn’t kill but is terrifying enough to scare you!

We recommend you to play this Roblox horror game alone with headphones in a dark room to feel it.

2. A Wolf Or Other

Roblox Horror Games

‘A wolf or other’ is an exciting asymmetrical multiplayer Roblox horror game that deserves to be on the list.

The game is inspired by a murder mystery game, VitalWinter. In just a few years, they were visited by millions of visitors on Roblox.

This is all about a small community of people attempt to survive and at the same time kill the demonic beast.

Roblox Horror Games

The lead developer of the game at Otter Space intended to deliver a dark and thematic experience on Roblox so that players can feel the euphoria of hiding & seek.

Three basic characters are the pivot of the game: Civilians(Innocents), Hunter & Werewolf. The roles are randomly assigned to players.

Roblox Horror Games

The task of civilians is to survive throughout the game. However, the relief to civilians is that the Hunter is on their side who carries a bow. Just aim, shot the wolf and humans will emerge victoriously.

And, to no one’s surprise, Werewolf aims to tear everyone apart who comes in its catch. Besides the wolf has the powers to smell its prey.

Roblox Horror Games

But the twist in the game that the wolf can transform into a human to avoid detection. Thus, the monster is among you. So, you don’t know who’s who!

This makes the game more unique and engaging. And, if you grew up listening to scary stories of a werewolf, then you are going to relish this game. 

3. Bear Alpha

Roblox Horror Games

Next on the list of Roblox horror games is a developing game named Bear Alpha by Cheedanam.  

The gaming concept is very simple. It is a multiplayer survival game that can be played with 10 players at most.

Out of the 10 players, one is randomly picked up to play the role of a ferocious bear.

While all other players are tasked to survive themselves and kill the bear too.

The bear is all about hunting other players in 5 minutes. However, survivors can fight back using weapons and stuff that they found throughout the game. 

The bear carries a mobility advantage over survivors. The bear is faster and stronger than the survivors. Survivors on the other hand have restricted sprinting due to sticky situations.

Roblox Horror Games

The dark environment with red accents and ghostly soundtrack make it spooky. And even if you kill the bear, the environment will start giving you willies.

4. Zombie Attack

Roblox Horror Games

Zombie Attack is a very elegant Roblox horror game developed by Wenlocktoad vs Indra. 

This is a survival-based game where you play as a soldier or warrior. You can enjoy frequent and consistent updates from developers.

As the name of the game implies, it features multiple waves of Zombies. You have to team up and fend off the Zombie waves.

Roblox Horror Games

There are different types of Zombies with different abilities to combat. Slaying the boss or the rarer zombies will earn you points and unlock new weapons.

However, the most interesting feature of the game is that if you or your friends get killed by zombies, you will become one. This, making your friends your enemy.

5. Dead Silence 

Roblox Horror Games

Dead Silence is an adventurous game with a storyline based on a psychological thriller-horror film, released by the same name. It is one of the most popular Roblox horror games.

The game is full of jump scares and challenges. The POV turns it scariest, intensified by a creepy environment.

Roblox Horror Games

The story begins with the characters: Lisa and Billy. They receive a ventriloquist doll as a gift anonymously.

While Billy is out, Lisa plays with the doll. When Billy returns home, he finds Lisa dead with her tongue carved out. He also finds a box with a message that reads about “Mary Shaw”.

And thereafter, the game begins with you as Billy who investigates the mystery behind “Mary Shaw”.

Roblox Horror Games

In the end, you will either face Mary Shaw or end up concluding that Mary Shaw is not a real entity. 

You can play the game with 3 of your friends at maximum. However, we suggest you play it alone to enjoy the horror it wields.

6. Stop It, Slender

Roblox Horror Games

To make our list of Roblox horror games scarier, “Stop it, Slender” by Kinnis97 is a great add-on! It is based on the popular game Slender: The Eight Pages.

The theme of the game is very simple. One out of many players will be chosen as Slender. While others are citizens.

While avoiding Slenderman and his elusive proxies, citizens must find all 8 hidden pages in the area to escape this nightmare!

Looking at the Slenderman for too long will depreciate your health rapidly. You will also lose health when a proxy touches you.

Roblox Horror Games

The game starts when a map with the most votes is chosen. Maps are full of jumps are and a creepy environment.

Darkroom and headphones are recommended to relish the game with full effect.

7. Horror Elevator

Roblox Horror Games

Horror Elevator is weird and fantastic at the same time. It was developed by Mr. Boxz. It is one of the most creative Roblox horror games.

The game begins by stepping into an elevator that stops at a random floor. Each floor will take you on a different adventure. 

Each floor presents ghostly scenarios filled with monsters and challenges. And, you need to be prepared to fight and kill them.

They keep on adding new floors and killers. Frightening scenes and sound make Horror Elevator more creepy.

8. The Apartment 

Roblox Horror Games

The next Roblox horror game – The Apartment is a blend of adventure, horror, and thrill.

The game starts on the 1st floor. You have to climb up to 7 floors to witness the climax of the game. You can play it with your friends.

The players have only one goal to achieve – reach Room No. 705. The real mystery of the game will unleash there in the room!

It seems quite easy but the toughness rolls over as you move up. Subsequently, your speed slows down.

Roblox Horror Games

On each floor, you will find a variety of strange sounds, strange figures, and jump scares. Though all the stages are in the continuum, the floors get more horrifying.

9. Realm Of The 9 Portals

Roblox Horror Games

Another best Roblox horror game – Realm of the 9 Portals which is developed by the Saint Abida Tribe.

“Deep in the sky lies the remains of the old guardians, who had once protected us all before the events took place.” Saint Abida Tribe

As the name goes, in the Realm of the 9 portals, there are 9 portals you can enter, each having a difficult task/mission to complete to get a Deity Relativist Artifact. 

Currently, there are only 3 realms open, as the others are being developed. You can play the game with your friends to turn it more creepy. 

In the game, you just have to walk through passages to reach another end of the portal. You have to go through the mazes and defeat the supervillain.

10. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

Roblox Horror Games

At the end of the list Roblox Horror Games, we present to you a game inspired by folklore. The title of the game is synonymous with “Doorway to Hell”.

The Imperial Hotel was once a renowned real estate. Before the discontinuation of Halloween in 2009, several demonic activities occurred in the Imperial Hotel.

Roblox Horror Games

A mysterious and supernatural force cause large sections of the building to collapse into the earth, swallowing rooms and corridors whole, many with guests still in them.

Reports are that some people fell as far as 30 meters into the earth to their deaths.

Since then the hotel has been left abandoned and is currently sinking deeper into the ground, where it will collapse completely.


The popularity of horror games is rising day by day. More and more players all across the world are buying horror games.

You can access the Roblox games on iOS, PC, Amazon Devices, Android, and Xbox One.

Some of these games will hold you so right that you won’t stop playing them owing to their sheer ingenuity and creativity that these games imbibe.

You must try these games. Besides you can also look for other popular Roblox horror games and let us know in the comment section.

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