Spoof Pokemon Go With An Ipogo VIP Key Free Generator [2022]

Pokemon Go is a game that I am and most of you are very familiar with, I suppose. Probably you must have heard of the Pokemon anime and then the game based on it that was released in 2016. 

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And we know that it requires our virtual movement and all. Overcoming challenges and catching Pokemon is all fun and exciting and yes the game gets tough too as we progress. 

You might also be aware of the Ipogo application that you can use to spoof Pokemon Go. This app has its premium version which has additional features however you will need an Ipogo VIP key for it to access. If you want the Ipogo VIP key free of cost, there are a few ways you can check out which we have mentioned in this article. 

In this article, you will learn everything about Ipogo, how to use it, its alternatives, and also methods to get an Ipogo VIP key free of cost. Thus let’s get started without any more delay. 

What Is Ipogo?

Ipogo is a spoofing application that you can download for both Android and iOS from its website. As the number of features in the Pokemon Go game has increased, things might seem complicated and stressful. 

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Thus, you can use Ipogo to teleport yourself anywhere, skip the animations, auto catch, and many more. One can play Pokemon Go anywhere using this Ipogo spoofing application.

Some of its features include,

  • Auto catch/spin- with this feature you will be able to catch the Pokemon without being near your device. 
  • Block non-shiny- using this feature you can block the non-shiny pokemon.
  • One-click bag cleaner- one can delete the items with one click
  • Release on the catch- you can also release the Pokemon or garbage pokemon so that you clean your bag. 
  • Spawn Booster- with this feature you can see the Pokemon that is farther away. If you want to see a clearer view. 

yeah, Ipogo also says that it has a dedicated team giving you good customer care service and sees that your account is safe. 

How Does Ipogo Work?

If anyone wants to use ipogo to spoof their pokemon go location, you will need to jailbreak your device or iPhone to use ipogo software. Also, one can create another pokemon go account beforehand because using ipogo to spoof location may also result in the suspension of your account. 

Swallowing are the steps for how you can use ipogo software to spoof your pokemon go location.

Step 1: first you have to install the ipogo application. For this, you will have to jailbreak your smartphone. 

One can jailbreak their ios device by downloading Cydia Impactor from some source. Once you have done this you can visit the ipogo website and complete the installation process by downloading the IPA file. Moreover one can also download ipogo from sources such as 3uTools, Rickpactor, or Signulous which are third-party sources. 

Step 2: and the second step is after downloading, you need to activate the Ipogo ios application. You need to link your pokemon go account to it and then move to the settings and here you need to activate your account. Also, to verify its functionality you can move to the floating sidebar and check out several other settings on your pokemon go screen. 

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Step 3: now you can use Ipogo to spoof your location. You will have to tap on the icon at the top of the Ipogo screen which is a map icon, and then change your location. After which you can enter your desired location or maybe its coordinates as on the next page a map opens.

Step 4: furthermore, one can also use the filter feature to find some specific pokemon on the map and pinpoint it and move around. This filter feature is pretty cool letting you catch the pokemon in the convenience of your home or without disturbing your comfort.

Methods To Obtain Ipogo VIP Key Free

If you want to access the premium feature of ipogo you will need to get the ipogo VIP key for it. One can purchase the ipogo VIP key from its official website yes the premium version costs $4.99 and the free version can be downloaded from the site and access the features.

Here is one ipogo VIP key that you can check out before it is used by someone else. 

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Now we will see a few methods by which you can obtain an ipogo VIP key free of cost.

  • The first one is on Reddit and also discord. We all know this social platform or Reddit community has many benefits, there are chances you may get an Ipogo VIP key free of cost here following its pages and updates.
  • The second one is yes Facebook, you can follow the dedicated pages related to gaming and get one Ipogo VIP key free for you. 
  • There are various gaming channels on YouTube that you can subscribe to, particularly those who play Pokemon Go. Usually, these provide us with Ipogo VIP keys free with no charge. 

So yeah you need to be active on social platforms or stay updated regarding Pokemon Go and Ipogo to get the Ipogo VIP key free without buying the premium version of it. 

Alternative To Ipogo For Pokemon Go Spoofing?

Before looking at the alternative for Ipogo. Let us see why we need an alternative in the first place. Following are the reasons why?

  • The first one is that Ipogo is only available for ios users and if you are an android user then you will need an alternative. android users can use PGSharp as an alternative. 
  • Of course, Ipogo is against the terms and conditions of pokemon go and your account can get blocked anytime chances are Ipogo can also stop working like ispoofer. 
  • Also, the downloading process of Ipogo is a little complicated. 

This is why you can check the Ipogo alternative. 

Here’s an alternative for ios users for which you will not need to jailbreak your device to spoof your location. Dr. Fone- Virtual Location (ios) is the application you can use without jailbreaking and this one also has a few features like easy to use, offers a GPS joystick for movement stimulation, and one can also favorite their few locations and if you want to you can also import or export files using this one’s desktop application or software.

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Following are the steps for how you can use this alternative.

  1. The first one is to connect to iPhone and dr fone virtual location. You simply have to agree to its terms and conditions and then select the connecting device. 
  2. Now this application will find your location automatically and display it on your device. After which you can tap on the teleport mode on the top of the screen to spoof your location in the game.
  3. Here you just have to enter your name, address, and yes the coordinates of the location you want to move to which you can search in the search bar and yes load it on the map. Move the pin around and select your location and then tap on the Move Here button and wait for the game to update.
  4. Moreover, you will find the one-stop or multi-stop buttons on the top of your screen. By clicking these you can stimulate the movement of your device and create a route for your Pokemon Go. 
  5. And one can also choose the speed or how many times to cover the route. For this, you have to click on the march button. Also, you can use a GPS joystick for more realistic movements. 

That’s how you can use dr fone to spoof your location in pokemon go. 


So that’s how you can spoof pokemon go using the ipogo application on your ios device and yes if you need the ipogo VIP key free of cost you can certainly try the methods in the article to get one for yourself. We also explained an alternative to ipogo that you can consider using.

Hope you found the article helpful and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment section.

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