25 Best Games Under 1MB For Android [2022]

Are you looking for several low MB games and want to play some games under 1MB? It is really interesting to play real android games that offer joy and happiness within 1MB.

It’s not necessary to have high graphics or lots of character but without it, these games have gained millions of fans worldwide. So, we have come up with the best under 1MB games that you must give a try.

Best Android Games Under 1MB

Here is the list of the best games under 1MB:

1. Carrom Board

Games Under 1MB

If you love to play carrom, then go for this one. Here, you can play the game with no hassle and Carrom can also help you to control your temper. You can also play the game along with your 4 friends at a single time.

You can also make a 2 players team and enjoy the team game. Carrom Board is one of the best games under 1MB for android phones.

2. Atomic Bomber

Games Under 1MB

Atomic Bomber is a fun game within 1MB where you need to bombard terrorists in order to save your weapon and areas just like the old video games.

It has an amazing control setup with nice graphics and decent atomic sounds. It’s a great time-killing game if you don’t have enough data to download bigger games.

3. 2048

Games Under 1MB

2048 is an addictive fun puzzle game in a size of just 1MB. it’s a math puzzle where you need to combine two tiles with the exact same number in order to make a large number, and then the other tiles are added to the board simultaneously.

The best part here is, as you get better in the game, the levels get more difficult. Have fun with the entire gameplay.

4. Tic Tac Toe

Games Under 1MB

Tic tac toe is a greatly popular game since childhood. It is also available on android now. The game is only under 1MB game with ultimate graphics and music that will get you more addicted to the game.

You can also play and enjoy the game with your friends and family with several modes like 4*4 or classic and engage yourself for several hours.

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5. The Archers 3

Games Under 1MB

The Archers 3 is a shooting game where you have to kill the birds with the archer. But it’s not that easy the way you think. You need to target the birds and kill them in one shot in order to complete the challenges.

The more birds you kill, the more unlocks you get. you can upgrade your bow and archer with the coins you get after the unlocks. It’s a good game to kill your time.

6. Trap Ball

Games Under 1MB

Trap ball is a very addictive and challenging game that will help you to kill your time. It offers very simple gameplay but quite difficult to build a wall to trap many balls.

It becomes harder when the level goes up. Trap ball is the best challenging game under 1MB that one must try.

7. Gravity Defied Pro

Games Under 1MB

Gravity Defied pro is one of the best and stylish racing games under 1MB. Here, you will need to ride a bike the way that it does not crash with anything.

To make the game more difficult and interesting, there are several obstacles that will almost lead you to a crash. Try it if you like these kinds of fast and addictive games.

8. Fur Guardians

Games Under 1MB

Set afoot in the land of Fur Guardia, and you will be able to play as Fur-Guardians, who are employed in order to protect the land and defeat several enemies on different levels.

There are several levels that will randomly be presented to you. They will appeal to each one of you. It offers gameplay of 16-bit pixels with a myriad of characters whose fur can be customized by you.

9. Escape: The Room

Games Under 1MB

Test your mind’s capabilities with this amazing mind-blowing game. You will find yourself trapped in a room, from which you have to get out in order to save yourself.

The game is very small with a downloadable size of 146KB. The graphics here are available in the pixels. The game is very easy to play with the simplest controls.

10. Bubble Shoot

Games Under 1MB

This is a brand new bubble shooting game that comes in the list of 1MB games where you need to make combinations of three or more alike bubbles in order to burst the balls and disappear.

Forget candy crush and other bigger time pass games that run out your storage capacity and keep yourself busy in this simple yet time-killing game of bubbles.

11. Ludo Champion

Games Under 1MB

Ludo Champion is a 1MB game that is totally free to download and can also be played offline. You can select the settings to 2 players, 3 players, and also 4 players, as per your requirements.

It’s quite user-friendly for you when you want to settle down with a cup of coffee in the evening or couldn’t have an afternoon nap, this little game will always save you.

12. City Block

Games Under 1MB

A city block is a 1MB game that you can even play offline and also goes easy on your storage. You will get a thrilling experience through the roads on a motorcycle, skateboard, or a kick-bike in the game.

It’s an open-world 3d game where you can become a policeman, a firefighter, ambulance driver, or a farmer in order to complete the mission of a kid to help his town.

13. Stickman & Gun 3

Games Under 1MB

Stickman and gun 3 is a 1MB game that will offer you long-term creativity and entertainment. The stickman characters are in charge of killing zombies, and the fighters collect all the money for each zombie killed in the game.

The money can later be used to purchase several amazing lethal weapons to upgrade yourself as the best shooter. You will also be offered to unlock new warriors and can customize the new stickman heroes.

14. Dino T-T-u

Games Under 1MB

Almost all internet users must have played this game at least once in their lifetime. Because it’s the only game that pop-ups on your window when your internet does not work on your computer or smartphone.

Enjoy the infinite run of your lovely and cute-looking Dino T-Rex. Avoid the obstacles and guard yourself against all the upcoming crows in this game.

15. Doodle Cricket

Games Under 1MB

Doodle Cricket is the ultimate leading game under 1MB. It is a cricket game with all the cartoonish characters that offer you the amazing experience of cricket for killing your time with fun.

It also offers several amazing features like dynamic angles, challenging opponents, with easy and simple gameplay.

16. Cube Game

Games Under 1MB

Cube Game has been compressed now into a 1MB game for you to stay busy in a puzzle. The game works fast with very low power usage, and you can also rotate your cube along any axis.

You will also get access to different sizes of cubes and enjoy playing with the puzzle. It saves your work and allows you to take your time with it.

17. Moto Xtreme

Games Under 1MB

Moto Xtreme is a bike challenging moto game in 1MB that offers you a plethora of challenging levels that can easily kill your time. The game has nice controls with good graphics. Moto Xtreme is one of the best gaming options to play under 1MB.

18. Torpedo Attack

Games Under 1MB

Torpedo Attack is an arcade game where you need to destroy ships by using torpedo missiles. But the challenging and interesting twist in the game is you need to destroy multiple ships, but you cannot do it single-handedly.

If you are looking for an attractive time killer game in 1MB, then Torpedo Attack is a good choice for you.

19. Chess For Android

Games Under 1MB

Almost everyone among us loves to play Chess. So, Chess for Android is here for you that is developed by Aart Bik. It’s an amazing board game that will only require 960 KB on your smartphone.

You will also get the same experience in the size as you would if you had downloaded a game above 100 MB. Strategize and secure your court with the help of the touch commands.

20. Chain Reaction

Games Under 1MB

As developed and launched by App Holdings, Chain Reaction till now has been downloaded 203,011 times. The reason is it is a very addictive game. You get hooked on the game as if reality doesn’t exist.

All you have to do is you require to make a chain of dots with the same color. Also, there is an option for a multiplayer game, so that you can invite your friends and make a total of 8 players in order to have much fun.

21. Cooking Master

Games Under 1MB

The Cooking Master game can help you to improve your cooking skills. Here, you need to cook delicious-looking food and serve them to your customers.

All the ingredients will be shown on your screen. The only hard-working thing in this game is that you need to prepare the dishes in the given time.

22. Word Search

Games Under 1MB

The next on the game list of under 1MB is Word Search. This game is perfect for those who want to test their vocabulary.

The game helps to improve your thinking abilities and also tests your mental response, i.e., how fast you can react to any word that is thrown at you in the game. Also, the game can be used as a replacement for an ordinary dictionary.

23. Bubble Breaker

Games Under 1MB

Bubble Breaker is the next engaging game on our 1MB list of games. It’s a very addictive game whose concept is very much similar to Candy Crush.

We all know how addictive Candy Crush is. In the game Bubble Breaker, you will need to break the bubbles of a similar color just by tapping on them. In a zest, Bubble Breaker is Candy Crush covered in a 3.31MB game.

24. City Jump

Games Under 1MB

The next game on our list of under 1MB games is City Jump. The plot and concept of the game are very simple. You will just have to jump between buildings.

But you must be ensured your safety by avoiding all the obstacles and killing the enemies in order to reach your goal. The game only takes 3.6 MB of your storage capacity on your smartphone. It’s a really fun game.


Games Under 1MB

TANKS are the ultimate 1Mb game where you can experience jam-packed with weaponry and adventures. You can play and complete various missions, where you will be provided with different sets of enemy tanks.

It offers you a 3D shooter and armored vehicles that you can use to lead your troops to the way of glory. It is accessible on both phones and computers, and its access is completely free.


These were all the great games under 1MB we have provided you to kill your boredom. You can also play these when you are running out of your internet connection.

These game are really worth to play that offers both fun and interests at the same time. Send us a word in the comment section if you know some more similar games. We hope you will find these games helpful.

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