9 Best Facerig Alternatives To Try Out In 2022

If you like animated stuff and creating animations, you must be aware of FaceRig. It’s one of the best animation software and has some great features such as real-time voice processing, digital cosplay, various backgrounds, and characters which you can consider and make some awesome animations that render stunning quality and get nice customization too. Well, animations are super fun too and various fields utilize them. 

Nonetheless, we’ve listed the 9 best FaceRig Alternatives which you can consider if you are looking for FaceRig Alternatives. Make Sure you go through all of them to get your best one. 

List Of Best Facerig Alternatives

These are some best FaceRig Alternatives to create some awesome animated characters for your video games or stories, or maybe any content. 

1. Blender

The first one in this list of best FaceRig Alternatives is Blender. Blender does a good job blending all the good features and giving you a perfect result. Well, this one’s completely free to use and is an open-source 3D application. Certainly, if you are in detach of Facerig alternatives you can choose Blender as an option for sure. 

facerig alternative

Who uses a blender? So, scientists, hobbyists, experts or VFX experts, professional and individual artists are all the people who use blender and also contribute to it. Some of the features of the Blender are rendering motion tracking, modeling, 3D pipeline animation, rigging, etc, and a few more. Furthermore, add-ons, layouts, colors do make Blender interesting and easy to use. 

2. FClone

Now comes FClone which was released quite recently in the year 2017 and our second one here among FaceRig Alternatives. FClone is also a good one to create your digital avatar in the best way possible. Also, there are 17 background and 21 pre-installed characters and videos which will aid you in making 3DCG videos. 

facerig alternative

Now, what features does FClone include? Well, it has 3D transformation, smoothing, removed noise data, facial movements and also is pretty much compatible with MotionBuilder, Blender, and some more. It does offer cutting-edge technology that captures all your expressions and movements in real-time and all you need is a webcam for the best markerless capture of your facial motion. 

3. FaceFX

FaceFX is another great one in this list of best FaceRig Alternatives. With the help of FaceFX, one can make their 3D avatar talk. Well, that means it provides you with audio-based solutions for all the animations. It aids you in your gaming as you only require an audio file. 

facerig alternative

Also, you can set up a custom slider for the avatar you create. It’s certainly a good one as an alternative to Facerig to bring perfection to your avatar. Moreover one can also create relationships among avatars you create. So get your 3D characters talking with this Facerig alternative.

4. CrazyTalk

CrazyTalk is also a popular one among the best FaceRig Alternatives and is good facial animation software. Make your creative animations with this one and also make them interesting. Crazy talk has many features such as talking avatars from real images, 3D head creation, making puppeteer expressions, animation that appears life-like, and also auto lip-sync from recorded audio, WAV, etc. 

facerig alternative

With CrazyTalk, you can transform images into video projects, create animated greeting cards, emails, ecards, etc. There are numerous 3D tools to help you with complete body character animations. Moreover, one can also turn their images, sketches into comic stories. 

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5. LightWave3D

Developed by NewTek, LightWave3D is another decent one among FaceRig Alternatives and if you are in search of FaceRig Alternatives. Some of its features include dynamics, hypervoxels, material shaders, nodes, and scripting which interact with 3D object models, render particle animation effects, have texture editors, and much more. 

facerig alternative

LightWave3D is pretty popular in various fields and is also used in virtual production, music videos, films, television, product design, motion graphics, etc. It’s affordable, complete, easy to learn, and is best suited for independent artists who want to take control of their vision.  

6. Houdini

Developed by Toronto-based SideFX, Houdini is also a good one in this list of best FaceRig Alternatives. Complex reflections, animations, and a few other effects can be produced by procedural tools. 

facerig alternative

Generally, Houdini is pretty popular in games and films. Also, it has almost all the things of 3D production like modeling, animation, lighting, rendering, volumetrics, compositing, plug-in development, and a few more. 

Houdini supports a variety of scripting APIs and is an open environment. Several animation productions like Frozen, Disney, Zootopia, etc have used this application, and companies like Dreamworks Animation, Sony, Walt Disney Animation Studios also used this application.  

7. Plotagon

Plotagon is yet another relatively nice one among FaceRig Alternatives and with this application, you can create your own movies simply by writing your story and next pressing play. 

facerig alternative

You can also act in your movies or let your friends act or play any role, add your voice, music, or sound effects to your videos and movies. You can bring your imaginative stories to life with this free application. A nice app to express yourself and has many character traits, accessories, clothes, content which you can choose to enhance your story. One can also share their story on Instagram, YouTube, or other social media platforms. 

8. iClone

Now here among FaceRig Alternatives on 8th spot, we have iClone which is again a pretty popular name being a real-time 3D animation software. iClone has some real good features just like others here and grace is something that flaunts and aids you in making your best-animated characters. 

facerig alternative

The best features of iClone are character generation, the addition of elements like water, grass, sky, building interiors and outdoors, character, and facial animation. Not to forget its real-time visuals for PBR, VXGI, IBL, and a few more.

Furthermore, it’s one of the fastest and easiest ones among this software to use whether it is movies, films, video games, previz, or content development. 

There’s a free trial or iClone 7 for $199

9. Muvizu

Muvizu is yet another decent and easy-to-use software among FaceRig Alternatives. Do you write stories and want to tell them or express them in the form of animations? Well, this one’s best for all these kinds of things and does it brilliantly. 

facerig alternative

Education- teachers, businesses, animators, and storytellers use this software for all their stuff and activities. Using Muvizu is definitely worth it and is quite an engaging one among FaceRig Alternatives. 

Features? Rapid rendering, real-time illumination system, fastest controls, animation libraries, auto lip-syncing are a few which create your attractive animations in a few minutes.

You can purchase Muvizu for $69.99 or consider its free trial once. 


Above were some best FaceRig Alternatives which you can certainly opt for if you are in search of FaceRig Alternatives as these also have more or less the same features and some are even better. 

Hope you found the article beneficial, let us know if you have any suggestions or more good ones in the comment section. 

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