8 Best Car Rental Apps Like Turo For Easy Rentals

As everything has developed these days, renting a car online has also become easy. There’s no paperwork required and no complex things to book your car.

Well, if you are planning to go for a vacation or tour or anything, these apps let you book your car which can be any piece from normal to luxury one. 

Simply register yourself on the site then look for your car and book it. One good site is Turo, nonetheless, if you are on the search for apps like Turo, we have provided some best apps like Turo in this list which you can consider using. 

What Are The Best Apps Like Turo?

Below is the list of best apps like Turo. Go through all of them to get your hands on the best one that suits you. 

1. Vanly

Vanly is a great one in this list of best apps like Turo where you can either be the host or guest. So if you want to be the host then listing your driveway is totally free, set up and keep your calendar updated, set up the price per night. It’s your wish to accept or deny booking requests. Also, connect your bank account so that payouts can be done through vanly, and for this, you create a stripe account. 

apps like turo

And if you are opting to be a guest then you can search and filter locations, see if all your needs are fulfilled like shower, wifi, restroom, kitchen, office, etc. Furthermore, booking is also pretty simple, only add your vehicle number, message, and phone no to the host. 

It’s definitely a nice one to share a driveway or rent with vanly. 

2. Virtuo

Virtuo is another good app to rent cars without any paperwork or hassle. You can surely consider it if you are looking for apps like Turo. With Virtuo you can rent a car in less than 5 minutes. 

apps like turo

You can rent high-end or luxury automobiles with this app and one can unlock the cars via the app itself. Your car will have GPS, Bluetooth, rearview camera, Apple CarPlay, and a few more features to make your trip more amazing. 

Also if anytime your plans change, you can extend the rental time and if you want to cancel your reservation you can do it in 3 hours. Everything can be done in the application itself and is simple and manageable. 

3. Car2Go

Car2Go is another considerable one among apps like Turo for renting cars for vacations or drives. It’s a prominent service in Israel. There are three easy steps, simply register, reserve, and ride. 

apps like turo

It is pretty easy, you select the car you want and for the amount of time and then you can move and enjoy to your designated places. One can reserve any time i.e 24/7. 

By using Car2Go and renting a car, one really saves money, saves time spent on repairs, tests, etc. It certainly helps us and works very well and the application is also easy to use and navigate. 

4. Getaround

To find, book, and unlock cars we now have Getaround, and as the name implies Getaround is also a nice alternative to Turo or more precisely, among apps like Turo. 

apps like turo

You can book your car, either on an Android or iOS device as it is available for both. There is 24/7 customer support and insurance is also included. 

One can be the host and share their cars and earn, or be the guest and find your car by entering details like a street address, starting time, and ending time and date. And then search for your car and book it. The site has some really good reviews and is used by millions of people.

5.  Zipcar

Zipcar is an American car-sharing company and an associate of Avis Budget Group. With Zipcar, reservations are billed by the minute, hour, or day. If you start using Zipcar one can pay monthly or can also go for annual membership fees along with reservation charges. 

apps like turo

It is virtually a short-term car rental service, where you can gain the ability to hire a designated car whenever you want, at your convenience designated time, and return the car to the specified location.

The goal of Zipcar is to promote simple and urban living which means that the future should be filled with car-sharing members rather than car owners in major cities across the globe. This is done by delivering on-demand vehicles that benefit environmental sustainability.

The watchword of Zipcar is to help members in saving their time and money in their everyday transportation and they become an exclusive employer for talented and passionate people.

6. Lyft

Lyft is a  program for ride-sharing. It is used through the lift mobile app. If you need a ride then Lyft checks if any of your nearby neighbours can give you rides quickly.  

apps like turo

It is an on-demand transportation service that lets people hire a cab with a tap on their smartphone. It’s kinda the best way to save your time as it lets you have the nearest rides possible. It has a flexible working schedule for drivers and this adds an income source.

This app is certainly a nice one among these apps like Turo and you can consider it for sure and pick your own ride which suits your mood and budget. 

7. Carla

Carla is another relatively good app in this list of best apps like Turo and plainly lets you rent a car with no hassle. It is associated with over 900+companies(car rental) and around 2.5 million cars are rented from Carla. 

apps like turo

One can rent the car at 20000 different locations globally and save big by renting on Carla. Also, there are no hidden fees or charges. Carla also waives under 25 fees and there are these last-minute car rental deals that begin at $9 per day. 

You also get free updates and Carla probes from multiple sites to get you the best deals and the reservation process is also easy. Carla is a good one for tours and travels. 

8. Hertz

And now comes the last one in this list of best apps like Turo. Hertz is quite a popular one and also had some controversies. With this one can book a broad range of cars from the luxury ones to sports, and also hybrid vehicles.

apps like turo

The registration and booking process is also simple and easy. The next time you plan a vacation or tour you undoubtedly check this app to book your Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Tesla, etc. The service works globally and also presents offers that you look at before booking your ride. 

Being one of the largest vehicle rental services you can definitely check it out and see if it’s for you. 


Above were some of the best apps like Turo to rent cars without any annoyance. Almost all the sites are pretty good, see which one fits you best and hop in. 

Hope the article was heplful, let us know if you have any questions regarding the same or suggestions in the comment section. 

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