7 Best Apps Like QuadPay To Buy Now & Pay Later [QUICK CASH]

We always want to buy some or other things, maybe some home decor stuff or clothes or consider anything. Well, not every time it is possible, depends solely on how our expenditure is or what our income is. 

However, apps like QuadPay or QuadPay make these things easier. More like buying anything you wish to and paying back at your convenience. 

As you are here I suppose you already are aware of these apps and if you are looking for apps like QuadPay you are at the right page as we have listed some best apps like QuadPay. 

8 Best Apps Like QuadPay

Here are the best apps like QuadPay, go through all of them to get the best one. 

1. AfterPay

The first one in this list of best apps like quad pay is AfterPay which is certainly a good one to buy now and pay later. With the help of AfterPay, you can pay back for your purchase in four instalments. It means in your instalments, 25% each week is due from the day you made the purchase. 

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Well, it seems really good that you get what you want for 25% of the cost like a regular one. What can I buy from AfterPay? It focuses more on accessories, beauty, fashion, and homeward things from your favourite brands. 

One should also know that if you are late in paying back, you will be charged an $8 late fee. 

Furthermore, AfterPay is liked by everyone for its convenience to use and the repayment options it provides. Not to forget it also reminds you of your plans. 

2. Affirm

Apps like QuadPay? Another best one is to get your shopping done without any more trouble with money. But whatever you want to and split your purchase and yeah people like Affirm because of its best service, features, and consequently, it has some good ratings too. 

apps like quadpay

One can buy anything from almost every store with easy monthly payments. It has no penalties, fees, or any kind of hidden fees. Making things very flexible and easy to affirm is definitely worth considering. 

Moreover, you can open a savings account that will not have any minimums or fees. Also, get various offers at 0% APR, can manage your account and also payments easily. It’s pretty reliable so get the things you love by downloading it and paying at your pace. 

3. PerPay

It becomes really easy and convenient if we can buy the things we want without worrying about the price. More like at least paying back at our pace. Well, PerPay also lets you buy things you want to and pay back later just like other apps here in apps like QuadPay. 

apps like quadpay

This app also lets you build your credit and this is one of the fastest-growing companies among private ones. With this app purchasing becomes easy and more manageable, also there’s no credit score required. 

Some of its features include payback in small amounts over time, shop from over 1000 brands and stores, can pay automatically from each paycheck, and all your payments will help you build your credit score. One can increase their credit score by 39 points and this seems a nice and simple way to improve our credit score. 

4. Splitit

Like all other apps in this list of best apps like quad pay, Splitit is another decent one and this one also doesn’t charge any interest on your purchases and you can divide your payment into 4 instalments. Undoubtedly, the first one should be paid initially and 3 other instalments can be paid monthly. 

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Nevertheless, this app accepts only MasterCard or Visa and also has only limited payment ways and retailers. Also, Splitit doesn’t influence your credit score so don’t worry about it and it also has no fees, can make early payments, and no application fees.  

Not only is it interest-free but will also not charge any late fee. However, that doesn’t mean one can make the payment late; because Splitit will charge interest at the user’s card’s APR.

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5. Klarna

Klarna is another great app to check for apps like QuadPay. You can purchase what you love and pay later at your convenience using klarna. You can split your purchase into 3 instalments and these are absolutely interest-free. 

apps like quadpay

This app is pretty interesting and has many good features. Some of them include personalized suggestions and deals, pin all your favourite items, share what you like with your friends, and find new deals every day. Simply use it and order then track your purchases from store to door. 

Also do not worry about returns, as it has flexible return options wherein you can do it from the app itself. Also, extend your payment dates and due dates and can make payments early too if you wish to. If there is any price drop, you will be notified. Klarna is also quite safe and secure with face, touch, or pin ID. 

6. Slice

Now this one is an Indian-based company and as the name suggests you can slice your bills and pay them later. Anyone above 18 can apply for a slice card and get insights on your spending habits, can also transfer money from your slice card to your bank account or Paytm within minutes.

apps like quadpay

You can slice them for over 3 months with no annual fees, hidden charges, or joining fees. Moreover, you clearly receive discounts and cashback when you shop from sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, swiggy, etc.

Slice aids you in building your credit score and provides a credit limit from 10k to 10 lakh. You can buy the things you want to and pay for them later whenever you want. You also have cashback on every slice transaction you made. 

7. Sezzle

And the last one in this list of best apps like QuadPay is Sezzle to buy things and pay over time. It’s a distinguished one and has become popular in the past few years among millennials and Gen Z. Sezzle provides interest-free loans which differ depending on your history of repayment. 

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Also, your first purchase will have a smaller limit like $50 to $200. Nonetheless, once you have failed to pay, you will be given a 48 hours deadline to clear the payment, and if you don’t meet the deadline you are charged $10 after which you cannot place any new orders.

With a sezzle loan, you can shop among 25000+ stores and you will require a credit or debit card along with an active bank account. Also, Sezzle has limited customer service and can reschedule your repayment option only once  


Above were some of the best apps like QuadPay through which you buy things that you want and pay later at your pace with no trouble and in flexible instalments. 

Hope you found the above article helpful, let us know if you have any suggestions in the comment section. 

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