8 Best Apps Like Possible Finance For Your Cash Needs

There may come times when you are in an emergency, maybe some electricity bill which may be pretty huge this time, a car breaks down, or any situation like these may arrive unexpectedly.

Well, Possible Finance and apps like Possible Finance come and rescue becoming a lifeline for you in situations like these. Possible Finance lends you instant cash before Paycheck and also helps you manage your finances. 

And if you have used Possible Finance and for some reason, you are looking for apps like Possible Finance then you are on the right page as we have listed some best apps like Possible Finance to meet your needs.

Here Are The Apps Like Possible Finance

Here are the 8 best apps like Possible Finance to help you when you require cash urgently.

1. PayActiv

In this list of best apps like Possible Finance, we first have PayActiv. With PayActiv, get the money you worked for every day and pay your bills or anything you need for. 

apps like possible finance

It also helps you with savings, budgets, debts, and all sorts of banking things making room for new plans. Know how much you can save and spend with the PayActiv app. It’s a nice app to manage all your activities and plans for the future with a PayActiv account. Also, there are no hidden fees or any costs.

The app is used by more than 2 million people and is easy to use and convenient. One can also receive their reminders, company announcements, pick up shifts, etc to be on track. 

2. Dave

Dave is yet another great app in this list of best apps like Possible Finance to get your instant cash whenever you need it. You can receive up to $250 without paying any fees. Also, not only instant cash you can get your paycheck two days before payday. 

apps like possible finance

Dave puts no interest or hidden fees and pays it back whenever you get your cash. Also, there’s no credit check. You can also build your credit score with Dave as it is partnered with LevelCredit. 

If you need any help with your account you can sort it in real-time from real people who are professionals and well trained. Well, there are no overdraft fees, minimum balance required and you get access to 32000 money pass ATMs and improve your budget with its automatic budgeting feature. 

3. Earnin

Earnin is another nice one in this list of best apps like Possible Finance to get paid as early as possible and fulfill your needs. It’s quite a popular app on this list and is secure enough. 

apps like possible finance

You don’t have to wait for payday and can have up to $500 per paycheck. You can also win weekly cash prizes by starting a savings account in Earnin app with an FDIC-insured account. 

Not only $500, but you can also get your whole paycheck two days before payday. It also keeps you on track if your set balance falls with alerts and notifications. There’s no penalties, fees, you don’t have to wait much to get your earning. 

4. Klover

There are many apps like Possible Finance and Klover is another best one among them. With Klover too you can get instant cash just like other apps here. 

apps like possible finance

Klover also doesn’t put any hidden fees making things clear. Also, do not worry if your credit score is low and there’s no credit check here and also no interest. One can also earn money daily in the sweepstakes and the winners are allowed every day. 

Furthermore, you can also earn points and boost your advance cash and Klover does keep your data secure and is a pretty easy-to-use app. Also, with Klover+ you can monitor your credit score, see trends over time, and spending habits with your financial dashboard. 

5. Branch

Another great one in this list of apps like Possible Finance to help you out in emergencies is Branch. This application also lets you receive your instant cash before your paycheck. The branch has applications for both Android and iOS.

apps like possible finance

This application is an interest-free and relatively good one. If you want your cash quickly then you will have to pay $2.99 to $4.99 to receive it instantly. Or else you can opt for a standard branch account with which you will get your money in 3 days. 

Moreover, you should have some traditional jobs like work in some office, bank, etc as it is not available to people who are remote workers. Also, it helps you avoid overdraft fees by deducting the amount automatically and also alerts you. 

6. MoneyLion

And now comes MoneyLion, this one also a popular one and is also used by many. With MoneyLion too, you can get your advance cash within no time. 

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On creating an account with MoneyLion, around $250 instant cash can be taken and this account also gives access to two other accounts- zero-fee checking and investment account. 

MoneyLion also has other membership programs which you can utilize such as online banking services, rewards, and loans. In fact, if you are facing trouble getting a loan then this one’s a nice option as there are no hard credit checks with MoneyLion. 

There’s this credit builder plus account through which you can receive loans up to $1000 with an interest ranging from 5.99% APR to 29.99% APR, however, you should meet some of their criteria for this. 

7. Empower

Now the 7th one is Empower, well the name itself indicates improving your financial state. If you consider using empower you can get advance cash up to $250 or can also get paid 2 days earlier. 

apps like possible finance

You’ll not have any interest in the amount you took or any fees. Also, one can get up to 10% cashback and many rewards. Empower also lets you have access to 37000+ ATMs i.e fee-free withdrawals. You can download the empower app for free and sort your problems quickly with the instant cash you receive. 

It also has live chat support to get clarified with all your doubts and questions or issues. You can track your spendings and also save automatically for any big purchases, etc. 

8. Kora

Now this one’s best suited for students and has several money management tools. It’s best for University and college students and they can avail themselves upto $2000 which they can pay back by choosing a repayment plan based on APR and financial situation. 

apps like possible finance

Not only does it lend you money but also helps you monitor your expenses, credit, savings, and also compare with other friends or students to manage your financial state. 

One doesn’t need to pay any hidden fees or get a subscription to use this app. Simply have to be 18+ years, currently studying in some college, etc. Kora puts no fees or charges only the APR interest. It’s decently a good app among apps like Possible Finance for students. 


Above were some of the best apps like Possible Finance which will comfort you when your pockets are short of money.

These apps are nowadays pretty much used however if you had to use them every other month then checking your finances or expenditure is advised. Also, the above apps mostly are helpful for trivial situations. 

Hope you found the article helpful and let us know if you have any questions regarding the same.

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