12 Best Apps Like Funimate In 2022 For Making Videos

Searching for a few apps like Funimate to make amazing music video clips? It is simple than you think. In the past few years, video editing platforms have blown this generation’s minds.

With so many varieties of apps waiting for your attention, we are bringing in some of the best apps like Funimate that we could cover here in this write-up to make eye-catching videos. With these alternatives, you will be able to shoot and share your videos globally.

What is Funimate?

Funimate is among the best platforms we know for editing videos with fun effects and excellent graphics. Some of the brilliant features Funimate brings lip-synching, video loops, crop, putting texts, and emoji to videos, putting music to videos, putting cool video effects, creating custom effects, and merging, trimming, and cut videos.

What Are The Best Apps Like Funimate?

The Best Apps Like Funimate are described as follows.

1. Instagram

apps like funimate

Instagram brought in Instagram Reels after the TikTok app got banned in India. The company immediately released the app in India as well. Instagram Reels is almost a similar platform to TikTok when it talked about reaching.

Instagram Reels is just a new content type for Instagram that lets users make and share short-form video content to followers in a new committed Feed and on the Explore page.

2. Lomotif

apps like funimate

Lomotif app is a Singapore-developed application brought in by Lomotif Pte Ltd app development company.

Here, you can put and edit videos with tools including trim, slow motion, zoom in, zoom out, and more with music and background effect. The most alluring feature is it assists a user to create videos in two distinct formats including Square and Landscape.

3. FilmoraGo

apps like funimate

FilmoraGo is a non-paid video editing application where you can create videos by choosing photos, video clips from your smartphone or tablet.

Just choose a theme, put music, titles, etc., and then you will be able to share it on social media including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.

4. Viva Video

apps like funimate

VivaVideo is a popular video editing app for smartphones. This App offers you several features including cutting, trimming, cropping, merging & editing video with music, for YouTube, putting stickers, adding text to video, and so on.

The app can also join clips to make a story, add music from your own library, screen record, and export your videos as well.

5. Firework

apps like funimate

The top feature of Firework is there can be no likes nor comments done. Firework lets users make 30-second videos with an easy-to-use video creator. The video creator brings in a patent-pending tool, known as “Reveal”.

After uploading the video, you can choose the Reveal option and you will be able to view it both in portrait and landscape views, “revealing” parts of the screen when you rotate the device.

6. MagistoMagisto

apps like funimate

Magisto Video Editor is a platform that automatically switches your images and short video clips into terrific and fun videos for you to share with people on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

This app makes smooth videos from your footage and needs no editing skills on your side. Hundreds of song choices are built-in, or you can utilize or own tunes. It runs all standard video formats.

7. DubSmash

apps like funimate

Dubsmash is an entertainment platform that lets you create fun lip-sync videos to share with people. It is a brilliant video messaging app mostly created for those who desire to become a celebrity.

With the help of this platform, you can easily take an audio recording or sound clips from movies, music, shows, and several other internal trends, and record a video dubbing over that price of audio.

8. TikTok

apps like funimate

TikTok is a well-known lip-sync and short video-creating app across the world. TikTok was the highly downloaded non-gaming app globally for June 2021 with over 65 million installs.

With this app, you can not just make spectacular videos but also look for exciting, entertaining, and funny ones made by several people worldwide.

Mostly, TikTok is very much popular among the youngsters. While just 9% of US internet users use TikTok, 49% of youngsters use the platform.

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9. Likee

apps like funimate

Much like Funimate, Likee is a short video-making app where users can become creative, share videos with people, put music, and add filters.

Other than the regular options to create videos and photos using filters, time, and others, the app also allows you to fix the ratio of the video. The app possesses lots of stickers, and music magic filters put music to your videos.

10. Kine master

apps like funimate

Not only is Kinemaster the great alternative to Funimate, but also a less costly one. Using Kinemaster, you will be able to upload several photos in layers, add texts, stickers as well with few animations, and to the end, put music before completing off editing.

Having been featured in lots of remarkable publications including Forbes, Vogue, the app gained more than 10 million users globally, attracting investors as well.

11. Zoomerang

apps like funimate

it’s a brilliant short video editor for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc that switches the TikTok editor. This one comes with a few smooth tricks and effects. It enhances a library of more than 100 similar effects.

There is also a choice subscription for ad-free editing and a few extra features. Finally, the developers have left the social media presence and sometimes post creator videos just for some fun.

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12. VideoShow

apps like funimate

With the help of VideoShow, you will be able to make a video or slideshow with the help of photos and then put music to them.

You will be able to beautify your videos or music clippings by adding texts, FX, effects, GIFs, Snapchat stickers, multi-music, photo filters, transitions, sound effects, or live dubbing, and many more, almost everything you desire in a creative and personalized manner.


So these are all the best apps like Funimate that we have brought in here in this write-up. All these apps are tried and tested and work perfectly fine just like Funimate and are quite similar to it.

We hope you guys will find the article effective and useful. Do inform us in the comment section below if you possess any doubt or suggestions regarding these apps and this write-up. 

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