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1. How many SMS can I send per day?
By default Indian Mobile phone users can send 100 SMS per day. This can be changed based on the applicable TRAI policies in accordance with the laws.

2.How can I report abuse or spam?
You can report abuse or spam by sending a message to +919870932080 "flag " included in the footer of SMS received.

3.Do Not Disturb (DND)

If you do not wish to receive messages from JaxtrSMS then send one of the following commands 'optout' OR 'dnd' to our long code number +919870932080. Alternatively you can also give a missed call on our dedicated number +911166194300. If you want to start receiving SMS and had previously set the DND on, then send an SMS with 'optin' OR 'dndoff' to our long code number +919870932080. Alternatively you can also give a missed call on our dedicated number +911166194200.

4.NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry
If you are registered in NDNC, to receive SMS from JaxtrSMS, send SMS 'START 6' to 1909 or call 1909 to give your consent to receive SMS relating to Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT For more information please visit

5.I'm have opted in for receiving SMS sent via JaxtrSMS, but I don't receive any messages. What do I do?
Please make sure that you opted to receive SMS sent using JaxtrSMS, your mobile SMS Inbox is empty, you are not subscribed to the 'Do not Disturb' facility. If you have not sent any SMS to +919870932080 from your mobile at least once in six months, your optin request may be deactivated. If your optin was idle, you would have received an alert on your mobile asking you to reply. To reactivate your account, send the command 'optin' or 'dndoff' to +919870932080 from your mobile or give a missed call on our dedicated OPT IN number +911166194200 from the number you wish to receive messages on. You might have registered in NDNC.

6.I receive the following error message when I try send message 'Your last message to #RECEIVER# with contents [#BRIEF_MSG#] could not be delivered as you have exceeded your daily limit of SMS.
This will happen when you have reached the maximum limit of messages you can send in a day. When this happens, just post 24 hours from the time you sent your first message. Your account limits will be automatically reset once a day and you will not be restricted by the previous 24 hour limit.